Not to be confused with Wintergender or Snowgender.

The wintertidegender flag.

Wintertidegender or Wintide is a xenogender in which one's gender is impacted by winter and has a bond with winter. This feeling is not exclusive to the season, and can be felt all year around. The gender is connected to holidays/festivities, foods, nature/environment, colors, smells, and the other things that winter is often associated with, and the general aesthetic of winter.

Alternate wintertidegender flag.

The counterparts are summergender, autumngender, springgender, and seasonalgender.


Wintertidegender was coined on October 29th, 2020. It was first suggested by Fandom user Someconfusedfurry, and was later given a definition by a user going by Angel.


The Wintide flag was made on October 29th, 2020 by a user going by Angel. The flag is up to interpretation for the identifier.

The alternate flag uses cold and wintery colours to represent the coldness yet brightness of the gender with the two stripes on the top and bottom representing the seasonalgender motifs. The center symbol of wintertidegender is a snowflake which is a known representative symbol of winter, symbolizing snowfall and the coming of winter. This style of the two bars on the top and bottom of the flag followed by a center symbol is echoed by other seasonal flags. It was made by user Fruitindividual on February 11th 2021.