The wifgender flag.

An alternate wifgender flag.

Alternate flag

Wifgender is another word for binary woman, female, girl, or gal. It is a simpler way to refer to all individuals who are binary female, or very close to binary female. Some individuals are pleonotic, meaning they may identify as a "girl" or "gal" but not as a "women" or "female", or vice versa. Wifgender gives the language to easily talk about all these individuals at once.

The male counterpart is wergender.


Wifgender was coin on August 21, 2018 by Arco-plurist on Tumblr.[1] The word comes from the Middle English word wifman meaning "woman".


The wifgender flag was created by a user going by Weniviere on November 14, 2020. The pink represents womanhood. The black represents being close to womanhood but not entirely. The purple represents women and woman-aligned people who aren't stereotypically feminine (butch, crosspronominal, etc.)

An alternate flag was created by the user KINGtheclown on November 18, 2020. Yellow and pink represents a connection to femininity. Blue represents a connection to womanhood. Purple is for people who aren't stereotypically feminine.