The vixenamoric flag.

Labeled vixenamoric flag

Vixenamoric is a term in the LsL umbrella for exclusionary lesbians who feel the label "lesbian" has been "watered down too much" by the existence of non-binary and PNC lesbians.[1] It was coined by Twitter users @ssapphrodite and @viixenyy.[2][3] They exclude PNC lesbians because they believe that pronouns equal gender, even though there are many languages that lack gender-specific pronouns and the extensive historical evidence of lesbians who do not use she/her pronouns due to the complicated relationship with womanhood lesbians have because womanhood has been strictly defined in relation to men. Some have attempted to reclaim the term to refer to binary lesbians attracted to those who are binary and female. A non-problematic alternative to vixenamoric is trixamoric.

In September 2020, one of the creators of the vixenamoric label came out as agender and announced he would go by he/him pronouns. He disowned the vixenamoric label and, as of November 2020, continues to speak against it.

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