Vivician is a combined gender element from the element system. It is the combination of all five base elements, fervian (fire), eluvian (water), tellusian (earth), ventulian (air), and alterian (spirit). Vivician represents the element of life. A person with all five gender elements may be fluid between the them, or the elements may be static. Their elements may be split evenly between the five them, or it may be unequal. The noun form of vivician is vivici (ex: I am vivici.)

The term vivician was coined on a google spreadsheet, likely some time between December 30, 2017 and February 3, 2018[1]. Vivician does not have an official flag, but it would likely follow the pattern set by the other flags, with one large stripe in the center, four smaller stripes on the top and bottom and five pointed star in the center. The color palette for the flag is unknown, but it could likely be a combination of five base element's color palettes.

Etymology Edit

The word vivician comes from the Latin word vivo, meaning "living" or "alive"[2].

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