A Viramoric flag

Viramoric is a diamoric orientation that refers to non-binary people who are attracted to men. The term is necessary because most other ways to say that one is attracted to men involve the assumption of one's gender. For example a straight person attracted to men is typically a woman. A gay person attracted to men is typically a man, although some non-binary people have also adopted this framing of their orientation. Some non-binary people are uncomfortable with this, and found the term viramoric useful for specifying a non-binary person attracted to men.

The first usage of the term, alongside feminamoric, was in an anonymous tumblr ask [5] to tumblr user Marlowelune in May 2017. A follow up definition [6] sent in anonymously was hosted by the same user.

The flag to the right was made by Tumblr user snozzzz under the group sideblog lgbtqa-pride-icons.[1] The flag has 5 stripes, and from top to bottom, the yellow stands for nonbinary identity, the white stands for diversity, the green stands for positivity, the blue stands for attraction to men, and the purple stands for love.

The feminine counterpart to viramoric is feminamoric.

Another term to refer to this is androsexual, though some people are uncomfortable identifying with this term as it can be considered transphobic, because the prefix andro- literally translates to man.

Flag Edit


The original viramoric flag.

Many flags have been proposed for viramory. The one to the right is one that was commonly used until recently, when others sought out to make their own viramoric flags. The general feeling of the flag to the right is that it did not represent in a clear way what being viramoric was and meant. The creator of this flag is unknown.

A viramoric flag made by tumblr user viramoric.

Another flag that has been proposed is one made by tumblr user viramoric. It is not very commonly used, and the general feeling is that it is too simplistic. The red in the flag stands for the attraction to men, as red is the color of mars and mars represents men, since the astrological symbol for Mars is the same as the commonly used symbol for men. The creator of this flag is Tumblr user viramoric.[2]


A viramoric flag made by unknown.

One flag that has been created for viramory is the one with the red banner on the side of the nonbinary flag. This flag was created in a discord server and four different Tumblr accounts are cited on the original post: demisexual-yuri, feuillyadeux, bizexuals, and justfolieadoit.[4] The flag is an amalgamation of the nonbinary flag and a red banner, which is supposed to represent attraction to men. Red was chosen for its association with the planet Mars and therefore men, just like the other flag.

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A viramoric flag created by tumblr user diamoricmlm-and-nblm

The viramoric flag shown created by tumblr user diamoricmlm-and-nblm is probably the most commonly used. It is meant to mirror the orbisian or trixic flag, even though feminamoric was the proposed counterpart to viramoric. The flag was made by Tumblr user diamoricmlm-and-nblm, the green and purple shades representing being nonbinary, and the blue representing attraction to men.[3]

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