A Popular Vincian/Gay Flag

Vincian, also called Patroclian and Wildean, is one of multiple terms used to describe gay men or men-aligned people (men/aligned who are exclusively attracted to other men/aligned). It is also sometimes used as a variant of achillean. The term is meant to be a masculine equivalent of lesbian. The term "gay" is used as an adjective to describe homosexuality, and is also often used by the entire LGBT community in general. For this reason, various proposed terms for homosexual men were coined, including vincian. Some individuals also argue that "gay" should just mean homosexual men all together, due to the fact that homosexual women are referred to as lesbian. Other people simply refer to homosexual men as "gay men".

Etymology[edit | edit source]

The term vincian was coined in honor of Leonardo da Vinci, who was an Italian polymath of the Renaissance. He was thought to be involved in various homosexual relationships, although no one can prove it. This man is most famous for his painting of Mona Lisa.

An Older Vincian Flag

Etymology of Other Terms[edit | edit source]

  • Patroclian comes from the Greek story of Patroclus, who was thought to be a romantic partner of Achilles (Achilles is also the origin of achillean). Many people feel this term is too long and has too many syllables.
  • Wildean was coined in honor of Oscar Wilde, an important figure in LGBT history. (This is also used as a variant of achillean.) Wildean is also used as an adjective to describe things connected to Oscar Wilde.

    A "Simplified" Version

An alternate vincian/gay man flag designed by a Tumblr user called @gaymanflag

Flag[edit | edit source]

The vincian flag is based off of various lesbian flag designs. There is no specific vincian flag (or lesbian flag), but the popular ones feature blue and teal/green stripes to represent attraction to men/aligned. An older version of the flag was based off of the pink lesbian flag, while the newer one was based off of the orange lesbian flag. A five stripe version was also designed. The vincian flags are often known as the "gay man" flags.

A trans gay flag designed by "thepokedexisgay"

An alternative trans gay flag

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