Not to be confused with Venusian.

The venusic flag with a simplified picture of Venus.

Venusic is an orientation for non-binary people who are exclusively attracted to women, women-aligned people, and lunarians. The term was created as a non-problematic alternative to gynesexual, and is meant to be used along side the galactian alignment system, though it can be used by any non-binary person. The term can be altered to indicate sexual attraction, romantic attraction, or other forms of attraction with venussexual, venusromantic, etc.

Similar terms include feminamoric, trixic, and lunaric.

The masculine equivalent to venusic is marsic. The non-binary equivalent is terraric.


The term was first thought of from a reply to an anonymous submission to the Tumblr blog, temp-nb-blog on December 30, 2016[1].


The venusic flag was designed by temp-nb-blog on February 21, 2017[2]. The color scheme was chosen to represent femininity and to resemble the clouds of Venus.


Venus was chosen as the root of Venusic because Venus was historically associated with women and feminine energy.


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