Not to be confused with Venusic.

The original venusian flag.

System-Lgbt's venusian flag.

Venusian, sometimes called venusarian, is a non-binary xenogender in the celestial gender system.


The original definition of venusian is a gender linked to the void and to a soft, celestial, feminine energy. It is never hyper feminine. It is not female-aligned, it's simply linked. Venusian people may feel different amounts of feminine energy at different times.

Under the original definitions the masculine equivalent to venusian is neptunian.


Under the rework of the celestial gender system, venusian is also known as juparettian. It is defined as someone who is juparian and lunettian. One could be both at the same time or they might be fluid between the two. They may feel different amounts of each gender at different times. Under the rework the original definition of venusian is now included under ceresian.


The term venusian was coined by Tumblr user Juparian's blog on November 9, 2017[1]. The original flag was created at the same time. The definition of many of the celestial genders were altered by System-Lgbt in a rework of the system, to make it more consistent[2].

The colors of the original venusian flag was a reference to the void. The new flag's colors are based off the colors of Venus.