The varioriented flag.

Varioriented refers to someone who's sexual orientation and romantic orientation don't "match". For example, someone who is asexual panromantic. Varioriented is typically used to describe a-spec people who use the split attraction model, however, there can be varioriented people who are both allosexual and alloromantic- for example, someone who is homoromantic, but bisexual.

The opposite of varioriented is perioriented.

History of the term[edit | edit source]

Variorientation is also known as cross-oriented/cross-orientation, incongruent attractions, mixed or mismatched orientation.

This was coined by Sarah (tumblr user sparebear) on or before February 2014 as a "non-matching identity" for situations of romantic/sexual orientations.[1][2] Fy via beyond-mogai-pride-flags posted the pride flag in 28 January 2018.[3]

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