List of all hosts/co-hosts of our system. Current and former.




Luna is our 3rd host for our system. Lunar has been our host for 4 years now. Purr is 18 and black and identifies with the body quite a lot. Fluff is human. Fluff has psychosis and is Jean from Genshin Impact. Do not reality check fur. Fur is also autistic and has an eating disorder. Please be kind to claw about all of this. Luna identifies as an AroAce, Venusic, Oshian who is non-binary, catgender, and demongender. Meow is dating Flora (a member in our system). Luna/Lunar does not care which name you refer to purr by at any given time. Purr randomly interchanges them.



Flora is one of our co-hosts. She has been our co-host for 2 years. Star is 18 and black. Star is also a persecutor, but that doesn’t make aura a bad person. Aura is human. Clou has psychosis and is Chika Takami from Love Alice and Rin from VOCALOID. Do not reality check aura. Flora also has tics and is autistic. She also has a DID subsystem. Win identifies as an asexual, Pansexual, dahlian, who is genderfae, dreamgender, skygender, nightgender, and stargender. Sy is dating Lunar.


Diamond is one of our co-hosts. Nya has been our co-host for about a few months. She is a fictive of Yachiyo Tsuruhime from Revue Starlight. Purr does have some source memories. She is also a protector and a Nightwatcher. Diamond also species regresses into a cat sometimes. Nya likes to be called Princess when that happens but also uses that sometimes outside of regression. She identifies as a sapphic, lesbian, aromantic, who is a demigirl, non-binary, and catgender. Nya is dating Mei Fan (who is a irl friend who has psychosis and is irl Mei Fan).


Mikaela is one of our co-hosts. She had been our co-host for a few months. She is a fictive of Kyoko Yakumo from Revue Starlight. She does not have source memories. She is also a caretaker, protector, and Nightwatcher. Mikaela is basically the caretaker for all of our fictives. She identifies as a Sapphic lesbian, who is a cisgender female. She is dating Sawa in our partner system.




Callista was our first host. She was our host for 8 years before she went dormant. She has remained dormant since. She was 10, black, and human at her dormancy. We don’t have much info on her anymore.


Aster was our second host after Calista. She was our host for 4 years before going dormant. They were 16, black, and human at their dormancy. They were in a relationship with someone outside the system, but we will not disclose anything about it.



Pixel was a co-host while Calista was our host. Pixel stopped being our co-host after Calista went dormant and then went dormant faeself shortly after. Pixel was also a protector and gatekeeper. Fae was a fairy.


Hope was a co-host very briefly when Aster was host. Hope went dormant not more than 4 months after becoming a co-host. She was 12 at the time of her dormancy.


Carrot was a co-host with Aster for a while. When Aster went dormant, Carrot remained co-host with Lunar as our host, before they too went dormant. Carrot was 13 at the time of their dormancy.