<nowiki> + </nowiki> produces normal text as if it were in the visual editor
<div style= "font-family: {font name};"> for stylized text
<br> + <br /> do the same thing, create a new line.

<hr /> creates a line ↓ex↓

<div class="hidden" style="position:fixed; right:0px; bottom:15px; overflow:visible;">[[File:Dilucisperfect.jpg|150px]]</div> produces an image at the bottom right of the screen.

i swear i randomly uploaded that file a while back and never used it-
{| class="wikitable" style="text-align:center; border:solid 3px #ffa500; background-color: #ffffff; margin-bottom:7px; font-size:14px;" width="75%" cellpadding=2 |- |hi hello im a person <br> <hr /> so thats cool. |} produces this big ass box lmao

hi hello im a person

so thats cool.

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