(TW For mentions of queerphobia, transphobia, Trump, fetshiziation, paraphillia, ableism, racism, “cringe”, animals, d//th threats (ea), s//c/de (ui, i), problematic figures)


Do not interact if:

  • You are queerphobic (homophobic, biphobic, panphobic, aphobic, transphobia, or anything else similar)
  • You mock or dislike any transgender, intersex, nonbinary folks, or lesboys
  • You mock or dislike polyamorous, ambiamorous, or other non-monogamous relationships, or mock or dislike queerplatonic relationships
  • You mock or dislike micro labels
  • You mock or dislike xenogenders and neopronouns
  • You mock or dislike those into anime, kpop, jpop, etc.
  • You fetishize folks based off of their race, ethnicity, or sex characteristics
  • You kinkshame or tell people to “die” because of their interests
  • You don’t believe or like non-harmful users of harmful originated terms (such as queer as a reclaimed term, an anime/animatesexual who genuinely is ace-spec and attracted to anime characters)
  • You are fatophobic
  • You support Donald Trump and/or his ideologies
  • You support Shane Dawson, Snowy Joe, Keemstar, or anyone similar
  • You are anti-feminist, agree with misogyny or misandry
  • You are an anti-vaccinator/don’t believe in vaccines or masks
  • You are racist towards any race
  • You don’t support Black Lives Matter or support “All Lives Matter”
  • You are ableist towards any mental illnesses/disorders/disabilities
  • You genuinely hate all cishets, singlets, or neurotypicals
  • You believe autism is a disorder
  • You discriminate against religious folks or atheists
  • You mock or dislike age-regressors
  • You mock or dislike alterhumans/otherkin/etc.
  • You mock or dislike systems/plurals/medians, or endogenic systems
  • You mock or dislike certain triggers or putting down trigger warnings, or lacking them overall
  • You participate in “cringe culture” or use the word “cringe” to describe folks a lot
  • You gave or are okay with giving death threats or suicide-baiting towards anyone, even to those who were problematic or seemed “problematic”, such as for the mod who included lesboys
  • You are participating in MAP, pedophilic, zoophilic, etc. behaviors (please seek help /srs)
  • You’ve made polls saying if an identity is valid, or made polls about deleting a page in the beware section (it’s there for a reason, please don’t)
  • You’re one of those folks who seriously argue over trivial things (such as saying to a cat lover “dogs are so much better, get a dog, you’re a loser if you don’t like dogs”)
  • You’re one of those folks who shame others for not liking or looking scary, such as on Halloween
  • Honestly if you’re just mean and ignorant in general


Do not interact if you are:

  • No one as of yet