I'm not really sure why I'm doing this, but I've been internalizing this a lot and I felt if I put it out there that I could maybe find some peace within myself about it.

Since I don't want this blog post to be too long, I'll just state it: I feel uncomfortable under any label. Reason? I'm not really sure. I started with bisexual in 2018, then queer, then lesbian, and now? I guess I consider myself a sapphic? But I also explored this wiki today and found Agatic ("a woman, or feminine aligned person, who is wlw and wlnb, meaning a woman who is attracted to women and to non-binary people, and/or a woman who prioritizes her attraction to women and non-binary people over other attractions she may have.")

Which, yeah, I feel like that fits me? But.. for some reason when I see people who find their sexuality identity or gender identity, I see them as they had this light bulb go off or this spark and they are so confident that it's them and I feel like I should have that when I don't. Can I identify as a Sapphic Agatic? Is that a thing? Can I create my own sexuality that I feel is best for me? Like, i'm just so confused and I feel like I'll be offending or disrespecting somebody by using sapphic-agatic or creating my own sexuality. IDKKKK i'm lost atp. Am I still questioning???

And for anybody that wants to help me, I find myself being romantically and sexually attracted to women, but I also find myself sometimes attracted to men, but it's not in a necessarily sexual way? I think? I am homosexual heteroromantic but that's like such a mouthful, so if there is a term that puts that into one word, is that real? 

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