Part 1: Introduction 

Hey everyone! I had this thought recently, and I wanted to see if this'd even work. So I am constantly asking for what it is like to have X sexuality or X gender. I decided that it would easier if instead of asking when I get confused, making blog posts, featuring different subjects for people to talk about.

Here is how it would work: First, I would give the subject of the part (so for example, this one is introduction, the next will be Gay/Lesbian). Then, I would ask for real life experiences with the sexuality or gender. I think if people see information, straight from the source, it is definitely easier to understand.

One thing before we get started, I don't want anyone saying that they know someone like that and then writing about them. I want it to come from the person who is the sexuality or gender being discussed. Okay, let's get started!

Part 2: Gay/ Lesbian

So the first sexuality we are going to be talking about is Gay/Lesbian. If you are gay or lesbian, or something else that falls in that area, feel free to write about it here. For it to fall under the umbrella:

  • You can only be interested in one gender, or gender alignment. We will cover bi/pan/omnisexual next time.
  • The gender alignment you love cannot be the "opposite" of your gender. So if you are male, and you write about loving females, you are defeating the purpose of this.

Pronouns do not matter here. If you are a she/her gay, write about it, and feel free to talk about the she/her part. Also, can you please, if you have a more specific label, tell us what that label is. 

One more thing: If you are Vixenamoric (I don't think I spelled that right), please write here. There is a lot of controversy on your page, and I am constantly trying to defend, but I wanna know who I am defending, if anyone at all. If you are Vixenamoric, please explain why. If there isn't anyone who is Vixenamoric by next week, when I put up part 3, I won't defend it anymore as there isn't anyone to defend. 

Edit: if you are ace-spec homoromantic, feel free to post, but ace-spec is coming in part 5

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