This is my personal archive of all the terms I've collected. :) This will probably be edited in the future.

A little note: Terms in parentheses are terms I don’t use to describe myself often.


She/Her, They/Them, He/Him - Tripronominal (Multipronominal - Exipronominal - Mutopronominal)

I have been experimenting with neopronouns, if there is a set of neopronouns I like, I would not want them to be my main pronouns.

Sexual Orientation

Gynosexual, Sapphic, Lesbian (Finsexual or Womasexual, Neptunic, Lunsynian, Femaric, Iolitian, Morganitian)

I like women and enbies 😊

Ace-Spec Identities

Ace-Jump, Potensexual

With my identity in particular, I mostly identify with allosexual, but I occasionally switch to potensexual or experience spikes of near total asexuality.

Romantic Orientation

Gynoromantic, Sapphic, Lesbian (Finromantic or Womaromantic, Neptunic, Lunsynian, Femaric, Iolitian, Morganitian)

(I am aware that these are exactly the same as my sexual orientation but shush.)

Aro-Spec Identities

Potenromantic, Reciproromatic

I switch between these two and they're technically both correct. It's complicated okay-

Gender Identities

Demigirl, Dreamgender, Personagender (Paragirl, Themismasculine, Themisneutrois - Girlprox, Plerugirl - Friugender)

I identify as demigirl (half cisgender woman, half bigender (which is half trans masculine & half non-binary)), my gender has layers. I also identify as dreamgender, because I'm a different gender in my dreams (specifically agender).


Futch (Wisterian, Azurgirl, Rosarian)

I'm futch but tend to lean towards masculinity.

Sex Categories

AFAB (Dyadic, Genitalfluid)

(Yes, I added the sexfluid page because none of the other terms here described me sHuSh-)

Relationship Terminology


The one section where I'm a normie 😔

Combination Identities

She/They Lesbian, They/Them Lesbian, He/Him Lesbian, Demigirl Lesbian (Non-Binary Lesbian, Sapphic Enby)

I'm a lesbian by the way-

Tertiary Attraction

Panaesthetic, Lesbisensual (Panplatonic)

I thought I was pan/bi for awhile because I thought some men looked handsome, now I know that it was platonic attraction the whole time! And I feel so much better lmao.


Termcollector (Deminternetsexual, Perioriented)

I know it's not listed on the page, but I'm Deminternetsexual, it's where I only feel attraction to people over the internet after getting to know them/establishing a bond with them.


In conclusion, I'm gay.

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