tw // food

here are my top ten life hacks I wish I got told when I was younger! /gen

  1. cooking eggs in the microwave (for two eggs, it is 30 seconds, rest, 30 seconds, rest, 30 seconds). saves so much time and energy. if you don't do the rests, it will explode.
  2. using no pronouns or they/them when you don't know someone's pronouns
  3. multitasking (like watching tv in the bath) to keep up with physical maintenance tasks
  4. hugs (get as many as you can, find a reliable constant source of hugs - and if you're not a hug individual, then find your equivalent and b a s k)
  5. having sympathy for yourself as if you were another individual (you're just a guy, guy!)
  6. open-minded skepticism
  7. blocking individuals who make you feel bad or hurt your self-esteem (it's okay to self-protect)
  8. walking everyday and absorbing that sunlight
  9. you do need to change your sheet, about once a month, and if you have a mattress, flip it once every 3 months!
  10. when individuals ask "how are you" often it isn't what you think it is, and they just want you to say "i'm good" or how you're feeling, rather than it being an existential question, pretend they're asking you "are you okay" or "how are your emotions today"