so i think abut feminism a lot, and ofc i support it, especially being AFAB/müllerian. now, feminism is crucial to creating a better world, but so are equal gender... whats it called? standards?, ig?

but seriously, think about this for a moment: society has grown so much that women can wear pants or shorts or leggings. they can wear a corset or a skirt or a dress. they can have no makeup or a full face. they can have tattoos and tons of piercings and look like a clown (in a positive way) or be an absolute doll (again, positively).

but men cant do any of that.

and thats not me defending stuff like "not all men," or saying that women already have it good enough, because thats obviously not the case. if a woman is interested in anything, theyll be shunned.

  • you wanna play sports? youre trying too hard.
  • you wanna be a stay-at-home parent? stand up for yourself!
  • you like coffee and ugg boots? pick me girl.
  • you like like watching cartoons and kidcore? such a child!

and that sucks ass.

but men really dont have much room either.

  • men can only have short hair. women can have whatever length.
  • men cant wear makeup or care about their hygiene. women have all the free will.
  • men cant wear leggings, but of course the women can. or they can choose to wear fucking overalls and a flannel.

sorry for not including non-binary individuals and others who dont fit into the western expectation of nacho of cool ranch /ref, but i was just thinking about that a lot about and immediately came to write it down. i sincerely hope this isnt offensive in any way.

thanks for coming to my ted talk /lh

-rem (he/they/it)