Author's Note

This was written entirely on impluse. However the case, I have no idea how much of it is true or false. I had the urge to post somewhere what I had written, so here it is, in all of its glory.

Trigger Warnings

S*icide, attention seeking, faking neurodivergence, faking gender/romantic/sexual orientation, s*lf h*rm (e, a), triggers

Things I fake for attention

  • Gender: I wanted to be different, and I don't act any different compared to before I claimed to be agender. I simply wanted to be unique and hated the idea of being cisgender, or 'basic' in my eyes.
  • Sexual Orientation: I'm too young to know who I want to be involved with, and simply don't think most male celebrities are attractive.
  • Romantic Orientation: Same as the preceding reason.
  • Neurodivergence: I was diagnosed with ADHD as a young kid, but I obviously outgrew that. I can handle and do most tasks if I really put my mind to it, and simply wanted an excuse for being lazy and never doing things on time.
  • S_icide: I love the idea of never getting old, and being in complete control of how long I live. It was my idealistic belief, that simply led me to believe I liked the idea of s_icide.
  • S_lf H_rm (s/h): I simply wanted attention, and I deluded myself into believing that I was being 'quirky' by doing it.
  • Triggers: I was thinking of something that would trigger me, and I simply thought back to a time where I had a dream. I woke up crying, but that didn't mean that triggered me. It simply made me unsettled on the topic, but nothing that was severe or needed a warning.


I fully consent to being banned, so please do not ask for permission, or a warning. In all honesty, what I did was absolutely disgusting. I really don't deserve to be in this wiki, or call myself an ally at all. That aside, I truly apologize for my past actions. I hope this does not affect anyone else at all.

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