'Alright, we're here.' said Emily.

'Yes! It's totes gonna be haunted!' Said Jason excitedly.

'NO. It won't.' Replied Raymond.

'oh shut it, *deadname*' muttered Jason.

'I heard that. my name is Raymond.' exclaimed Raymond angrily.

'you know, your always gonna be a girl, *deadname* no matter how hard you try.* Laughed Jason.

'will you just shut up?' Shouted Zeke.

'let's just go inside. the quicker we go in, the quicker we leave since Jason won't let us go until we search every room.' said Roxxane, who was also clearly upset with Jason for what he just said.

The door creaked open.

'alright, let's go inside.'

'ok, we're all here.' said Jason, trying to hide his excitement.

the door shut very quickly. 'great. that door locks when it's closed and we have no way out.' angrily exclaimed Emily.

'as if it closed by itself, or maybe from a ghost!' Said Jason.

'Not a ghost, just my machinery!'

'WHAT THE?!' surprisingly exclaimed Daisy.

'w-who are you?! WHERE are you?!' shrieked May.

'it's coming from the speakers!' exclaimed Zeke.

'thaaaat's right! welcome to whodunit, the most popular murder game of 2021!' shouted the voice.

'I'm this month's host, Sarah Windiberg!' exclaimed the voice from the speaker.

'MOM?!' shouted May and Daisy in shock.

'that's right girls!' said Sarah excitedly.

May starts sobbing uncontrollably.

Emily grabs May and hugs her. 'hey, it's okay. your gonna be okay.' says Emily softly.

'well, not really. the game won't end until there is one person left.' says Sarah, distracted.

'oh but you won't have to worry now, we don't have enough players yet, so you'll just be waiting!'

end of part 2