name: dagobah greene minch

wiki nicknames: red, dago, checkers, yoda, yodajr (i prefer red)

irl information and what not

astrological sign: cancer

race: mixed

nationality: american

ethnicity: polish & african american

languages i can speak: english, polish, spanish, and korean

myer-briggs personality type: INTJ

enneagram personality type: 6w5

aesthetics: anti-fashion, campcore, chic modernist, old web, and vintage

im just gonna put my social media stuff here too ig: my spotify alt acc (mainly on this acc), my spotify, my wattpad, my youtube (no, i do not show my face on here.)

mental things

mental problems: anxiety, stress, anxiety attacks, one time an anxiety attack turned into a panic attack for me so idk

triggers: sexual photos/songs/movies/shows/noise

hobbies and likes

hobbies: simping, drawing, gaming, organizing, styling, reading, writing, biking, skating

favorite video game: rObLoX (username is purplecheet- od catching acc is BoiyBoiBoi and trolling acc is NavigatingNachos)

other games i play: street fighter IV, cookie run kingdom (eheheh), adorable home

favorite movie: The Suicide Squad or Free Guy idk

favorite band: MCR (My Chemical Romance)

favorite solo artist: Tyler, The Creator

favorite Show: Only Murders In The Building

other shows i like: Black-ish, Run On, Modern Family, Grown-ish, The Goldbergs, Call Your Mother, SNL

favorite songs: this changes like every week

favorite book: this also changes every time i read a book

fictional groups

hogwarts house: slytherin

district: witches & warlocks

lgbtqiap+ info


gender: genderfluid

my pronouns currently: they/them

sexuality: abrosexual, kaitasexual

romantic orientation: demiromantic

other wikis

other wikis i'm on: flicker wiki, rh wiki, st wiki


other: hope you a have a nice day :D

edit below the line if you'd like

-You are an awesome friend I love very much! /platonic always be yourself and eat lots of yummy foods! -Inky/Astrid/Bean


you're so im not that cool..what magic is you /p /lh -lucky

AHH TYYY- SO ARE YOU I'M NOT EVEN KIDDING- so chill- love you too /p /g - dago

Hey! Idk you that well but you seem really cool - Avery (@HiddenInTheCloset)

you too! /g - dago

hey fren - Mycel

hallo :> - dago