The Internal Chaos Collective

System Info -

Disclaimer : we are undiagnosed, and do not like claiming to be diagnosed as we worry about people fakeclaiming us and worry about spreading false info

Type : traumagenic, polyfragmented

Member count : somewhere around 180

Triggers for whole system :

- acting like alters aren't people or aren't their own people

- acting as if the members of our system that aren't Salami are him, or are him playing a character or something

Note : our system prefers the term 'system members' or 'headmates' rather than alters

Host Info -

Names : nomifluid. Remus, Remy, Salami, Ash, Astrix, Ethan, Eef, Max, Infinity, Nox and Solar

Nicknames : Rem, but I'm honestly okay with any nicknames just don't call me Kiwi

Pronouns : again I fluctuate through these pronouns. he/him, they/them, it/its, xe/xem, ranb/ranbs/ranbooself or ranb/ranboos/ranbooself, zhe/zhem, tey/tem, lime/limeself, lemon/lemons/lemonself, ne/nem. still fluctuating, but less commonly used : fae/faer, she/her, ae/aer

Gender : genderfluid ftm trans masc

Sexual and romantic orientation : polyamorous omniromantic neptuniflux

Age : minor

Likes : MCYT, Ranboo, cosplay, makeup, Markiplier, youtube, MacDoesIt, psychology, MHA, reading, everything Becky Albertalli's ever written, monster, S*nders (a) S*des (i), Dan and Phil (Daniel Howell and AmazingPhil), Cavetown, Chloe Moriondo, tiktok, Winter, my partners, Denki Kaminari, Hitoshi Shinsou

Triggers :

- the names 'F*nn' (i) and 'Y*smin' (a)

- anything on the topic of *utism (a)

- calling me 'selfish' 'sociopath' 'ignorant' or 'ungrateful'

- saying how trauma made someone stronger or someone needed bad things to appreciate good things

- the games 'Five Nights at Freddie's', 'Missed Messages' or 'Little Nightmares'

- 'Ace Attorney' in general

- defending/praising Severus Snape, pranks that involve my intelligence (eg 'let's see how long it'll take him to figure it out')

- reference to the Yagami Yato Katsuki Bakugou audios (including NSFW and SFW) (especially the nickname 'Teddy Bear' in reference to them),

- the words 'meltdown' or 'tantrum'

- comparing me to Sheldon Cooper from TBBT the songs

- the songs 'Viva La Vida' and 'Before You Go'

- saying me or something I'm doing is draining you

Other info : I'm an age regressor, I have 10 partners, including inner system

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