Picrew's of alters pt 1

Important Info

  • Most of us are hypersexual
  • Most of us are non-monogamous
  • We are a gateway system so dating is difficult
  • Our system is not spiritual in origin, despite being a gateway system
  • we will only be mentioning amory for the monogamous people

Main Info


(name-system role)

(gender identity)






What Blue looks like

What Blue looks like

Transgender Genderqueer as main label:

but also lightacifleurian, Nan0gender, Girlflux, Boyflux, Voidflux, Cambiosex, Genus Vulneratis

omniflux, Delloromantic, Demisexual, Ambiamorous

current pronouns: he/🌻

ageless (appears as early teen)

4' 11

blue only triggers: alleyways, silver cross necklaces, barbed wire tattoos, giant pink hamster balls, abortion, ww1

What Devon looks like

What Devon looks like







What Thomas looks like

What Thomas looks like






5' 9


*is child*



What Spoon looks like

What Spoon looks like

Spoon-parental figure:





5' 4

triggers exclusive to spoon include: knifes, the phrase ¨backstabbing¨



What Sawyer looks like

What Sawyer looks like

Sawyer-physical protector:


likes masc people romantically, likes anyone sexually



5' 7

Aster-childhood innocence:





5' 6


Masc-aligned Melmursylvian


He/him for now

16-18 age slider

5' 9


Mtf, reclaimed the slur D*ckgirl


she/her probably

ageless (presents in late teens)

5' 4


no gender




however tall it wants






adora only triggers: w@r







Smol Dragon Boi (nickname until we get his real name)

*is child*


*is child*

(~8-9 y/o)

Sign-Off Emojis

These are emojis that alters will use instead of their name to sign off sometimes

Blue- 💙

Devon- 💜

Thomas- 🤘

Spoon- 🥄

Sawyer- 🏈

Crow/Raven/Toxic/Poison- 🦇

Kriomi- 😩

Guardian- ⚔️

Adora- 🗡️

Locust- 🐛

random info

Walker is Genderf*ck

Sunflower is literally a sunflower. like a plant

Sawyer is a quarterback on the football team in the innerworld, she is 6 foot and is very confident

Crow/Raven/Toxic/Poison uses the 🦇 emoji a lot and is an @dd*ct and is allergic to mosquitos

Adora will not be talking on the wiki

Lexi will not ever interact with people on the wiki unless its extremely important to her (this is personal do NOT ask about it)

Blue has psychotic episodes every 2-3 months that last for about 1-2 weeks, during this time our system is on full lockdown and no one switches

Locust refuses to be part of any and all talk of Attack On Titan

our triggers (tw for reading this)

  • people talking about frogs being gay
  • cobalt blue backpacks
  • blue disposable cameras
  • r@pe
  • g@sl*ghting
  • t0xicity
  • religion
  • ED´s
  • s*lf h@rm
  • su*c*de
  • the months September and December
  • anything christmas-y
  • talking about being ¨too fat¨ ¨too skinny¨ etc..
  • adults being with minors
  • Females named Tyler
  • v0m*t
  • Guys named Jay
  • DissociaDID
  • Pregnancy
  • The Dark Crystal
  • cps
  • forensic interviews
  • The Children's Assessment Center
  • cheating (in relationships)
  • Akita (the dog breed)
  • p0l*t*cs
  • foot jobs
  • the phrase, "no <3"
  • I Lived by One Republic
  • the phrase, "stay out of this/it"
  • Tonight Is The Night I Die by Palaye Royale

Things we need cw's for




the name Fluffy

the name Fox

the name Max

females with the name cameron

endogenic systems


(dont try to guess who these people are, as you dont know them)

Blue is dating Shy

everyone in our system (except for walker and thomas) are romantically involved with Cryptocrew

Blue has a Passionate Friendship relationship with Cryptocrew

Blue is dating Alex

Adora is dating Catra

Aster is in a Queerplatonic Relationship with Lulu

Sawyer is in a sexual relationship with Quillflight34

Locust is dating Ally

Terms coined



Puzzlegender System

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