henlo welcome to hell /ij
ok but in all seriousness, hi!
I'm Seven! or just Sev if you prefer, though I also go by the names Tui, TJ, Kayden, Korai, Venus, and Kai!
I'm a femme presenting pangender person,
that mainly uses it/its pronouns!
I hope you enjoy your stay here at the wiki!

I also made a padlet for the wiki!

references for pronouns that go with certain names

Pages I've created and coined!

Sign here!

heyyyy ur awesome and we love talking to u also KLEEEEE - ariathatsme

Hellooooooooooooo you’re an amazing person!!!!!- Ace-iz-da-Place

Hiiii - Aster (Lovely.little.ArSoN)

amogusdrip - spaghettimawn

Hiloooooo there! youre awesome and I am so glad I know of your existence! (I was gonna call you a friend but idk if you see me as a friend as well soooooo yeah Im glad I know you!)-Arlynn (ArlynnosaurusRex)

amogus - MadNinga86

Hihiiii :D oh god this is so annoying to do on a phone sigjdjrj anywho you is very nice n wonderful amazing person n ily <33 :) -lost

adfaasdfjsdj idk who you are but you seem cool /gen - Reii

hi youre super cool hi -skittles

yoo .youcanseeforever. (talk) 19:26, 14 May 2021 (UTC)

ooo a person has arrived asdfasdmk >:3 - Kayden (the Cottagecore System)

ive seen you around, ya look cool...stay cool :] -mel (QueenMelian)

Wahaha hello besti! :D <3 - Gabiwiki

you are very awesome! Have a great day/night!-StariiArts

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