⭐️ Welcome to Systeroamia ⭐️

Our Profile Picture

Systeroamia (pronounced sisteh - roam - ia) is a polygenic, polyqueer, polynull, mixed system, with 2-3 sidesystems and a few subsystems. Our main system is median heavy. Danni is the system’s host.


We are a polygenic system, so here are our known origins:

  • Adaptive & stressgenic - formed in response to trauma and other difficulties.
  • Araisagenic - formed through escapism and imaginations.
  • Parogenic - formed through thought-based or metaphysical means, often intentionally.
  • Neurogenic - formed based off of neurodivergency.
  • Kinform - formed based off of one’s kintype(s).
  • Heartform(??) - formed based off of one’s heartype(s).
  • Soulbonding - fictional character or presence walk ins.

Our Sidesystems

We currently have a few sidesystems as follows.

Roommate Space

This is the main system and the one more up front. Here is where our median members are. We have a few subsystems, one leading to an alternate world, one leading to some fictives’ sources, and one leading to a separate house of relatives. Active fronters that may appear are the following:

  1. Danni (he/they/ae/min/kit/🐈‍⬛)
  2. Luna/Little Rome (ey/it/lunettian)
  3. Piko (they/them are a best bet)
  4. Perry (fae/ze/magic/😂)
  5. Minoru (she/they)

Alternate Reality (AR) Dimension

This is a sidesystem and a reality gateway where many introtives live. There are a few known communities that live there, with the Real Imagines (RI) Community in Illinois as the core and the RI communities in other places of that world, along with the Vocaloid/Utauloid Houses as subsystems. Active fronters that may appear are the following:

  1. Piko (they/them are a best bet)
  2. Jan/Janet (he/him)


Our DNI list are as follows:

[1]User blog:Systeroamia/Our DNI List


Our triggers and discomforts are as follows:

User blog:Systeroamia/Triggers & Discomforts