cae lol

If you have come here to edit my page, go away lol you're pathetic, unless you're reverting vandal edits thank you

the art on this page was all done by me, all the characters are owned by me

you seem to have encountered thy birby.... interesting. my mouth is long overdue to be fed soap, but i refuse, be wary of any cursing here lol(i hate using the word cussing, just sounds weird for some reason idfk)

my character, tidella

My identity!

Name: Call me Birb, vukasa, droogan or furry (ordered by preference)

Age: minor lol

Gender: Cis female... probably

Pronouns: She/her or They/them (no preference) and fae/faer if you're a close friend/you're close with me

my character, Nena, and also some lineless art

Attraction: Polyqueerplatonic Demiromantic Citrinian (wlm, wlnb) Quoisexual

ETC: Ambiamorous

I'm taken, pals

extra fun facts: I'm a furry (kinda obvious) and self taught "artist" (still practicing tho)

other sites I'm on: - (idfk man) - (NO LONGER ACTIVE) - (don't refer to my DA for any form or contact, it's mostly inactive)

ooh boy update time

his eyes must hurt a lot from the glowy stuff (character and art is mine)

likes: drawing, music, animation memes (i cannot get the motivation to do one istg), all my friends are the coolest people on earth B) i like gore art too (nothing really morbid and realistic tho...) and making ocs, i also like naming things and birbsssssss, actual good memes that arent just for cishet men, cmon not everyone who enjoys memes is a single dude who wants a gf reddit im talking to you

dislikes: uh basically general assholery, exclus/BaBs whatever the fuck you call yourselves nowadays, TERFS, get the out of my presence, pls. creepy people, pedos/maps and "internet trolls", god they are fucking annoying as hell. and people who start drama. being publicly called out over something petty, if you wanna tell me something, talk to me on discord and tell me who you are on there first, i dont accept friend requests from strangers. and that moment when someone refuses to do something you politely asked them to do, like if you're being annoying im gonna tell you to stop, i dont care if im supposed to ignore it.

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