wallpaper i made >:)

i apologize for the amount I have written eheheh

a blank one for yall <3


this is a link to the pronoun dressing room, where you type in ur preferred name and pronouns (yes, neopronouns, emojis, etc work) and it gives u stories abt u using those name and pronouns so u can see how u like it!

10/10 recommend to everybody /g


these are also something i rlly recommend! i use them a lot and i've seen other's use them too

tonetags (also called tone indicators) are little "tags" u put after u write something, and they help indicate ur tone. they're rlly helpful for neurodiverse folk (like myself) and non-native english speakers /pos

here's a masterlist of them, it also goes into more depth on how they're useful and how to use them etc :]

(if i haven't already made this clear /lh i'd rlly appreciate it if u'd use them for me /srs /nm /npa)

labels i id with 🏳️‍🌈



  • they/them/theirs/themself
  • he/him/his/himself
  • dino/dinos/dino’s/dinoself
  • 🦕/🦕s/🦕’s/🦕self





  • who knows 💀 (i think masc leaning)



terms i've coined 🪙

moosic 🎧

i dont have a fav song/genre, but i do not like jazz, country, or classic... and i generally like rock and pop most

my current fav songs: ⚠️warning⚠️ some of them are loud and/or sing of the world's harsh reality (the last song is real sweet tho)

Your Woman, 3 O'Clock Things, My Ordionary Life (8d edit), Spring and a Storm, Hayloft, It's Alright, Primadonna, The Fine Print, Heatwaves (8d edit), Sober, Sunshine

brain/body ✨crap✨

obvious ⚠️CW/TW⚠️

what i've got

neurodivergencies: SAD, depression, sensory issues, stims, tourette's, MaDD, synesthesia

plus possible: GAD, tachysensia, just right OCD, ADHD, SPD/APD

physical conditions: tourette's lol, amblyopia, G-HSD

other: 1) i identify as disabled, 2) im always physically capable of speech, but sometimes it's much harder (it affects my typing too /npa)

my squicks

first off, what is a squick? a squick is the next level down from a trigger. squicks dont cause anxiety/panic attacks, flashbacks, fainting, etc (like how triggers do),, but they still cause enough fear and discomfort for it to become an issue.

now the list: treating me like idk what im doing/like im incompetent, beeping/loud noises, jumpscares, nsfw, aggressive/negative tones or actions, arguments, bigoted peeps (queerphobia, ableism, racism, ageism, etc.), spit/snot, su*c*de/sh, graphic/creepy things, g*re, any de*th, generalized hate against all christians

random stuffs 🧀🛸👌

  • i wish i looked half as good as my pfp :') /lh (here's the link btw)
  • in canadian-american (canada's better 🇨🇦🇨🇦)
  • i am a minor (am not going to give away my specific age /nm)
  • im fluent in english, spanish, n morse (spanish prns: elle)
  • i want to openly try things like, cosplay, a more alt style, and other things considered "weird" but my fam's more conventional than i'd like -_-|| /ann
  • my typing quirks are 1) no uppercase unless necessary, 2) replace s's with z's (rare)
  • dont ask for my star sign 🙄 /nmaah
  • my aesthetic is "androgynous alt trash bag" /hj (im checkin out "fairy grunge" tho 👀)
  • i like reading (not for school bleh) and my fav series' are percy jackson and other riordanverses
  • movies/shows are also a y e s, esp classic disney, hamilton, marvel, Project 863, and a l l the queer kid shows hehe /drama
  • i like gaming, esp minecraft and nintendo
  • i also like drawing digitally as well as on paper, but im slow at both lmao
  • i have a sucky spice-tolerance but an amazing sour-tolerance so ig it's ok /hj/lh
  • i have a chubby, sassy, gray cat named Dusty; we would get more but she hates every other cat so-
  • i a d o r e emoji's and am holding back rn 😅
  • my sense of humor is broken oOp
  • i genuinely l o v e questions as long as they're from a place of respect 💜
  • i love yall <3 /p