๐Ÿ‘‘ Lucifer/Luci ๐Ÿ‘‘

Ruler of the Fpoon Nation.
Hiya lovelies, welcome to my page!
General Names

These are all in alphabetical order and are not listed preference-wise.
-Lucifer (Luci)

Little Space Names

Please remember these are in alphabetical order and are not listed preference-wise.



Sexual Attraction


Romantic Attraction



-Polyamorous and proud!

Likes and Dislikes

-Watching Netflix
-Listening to music
-Having vibe hour
-Wholesome chaos


-Being told to "suck it up"
-Being told to "chill out" if I'm very upset and/or having a panic attack
-Someone not understanding something is a joke when tone indicators are present
-Being judged


-P*rents and f*milies
-Pedophila and MAPs
-Being called out
-The word 'stupid'
-The Legend of Zelda (any and all things- fanart, lore, games, etc)
-Creepypasta (just like Zelda- fanart, stories, mentions of it, etc)
-Sexual assault
-Heavy realistic gore
-Disturbing images
-R. Kelly
-AMMs (Adult Attracted Minors)
-The KKK

Extra Info

-I'm very sensitive, and I can easily get upset
-I have attachment issues
-I usually don't think before I speak
-I go on hyperfixation rants
-I'm very naรฏve
-It's easy for me to lose trust in folken

DNI if...

-You're homophobic and/or transphobic
-You're not that fond of me (last time someone wasnโ€™t fond of me and interacted with me it didn't end well)
-You're over the age of 25 or under the age of 13
-You invalidate m-spec lesbians
-You support ALM
-You invalidate fictosexuality and/or animatesexuality
-You invalidate video game genders (video game related xenogenders)
-You think all Christians are homophobic and/or transphobic, and that Christianity = homophobia/transphobia

  • You think dreamsexual (the controversial one) is valid
DNI Specifically

you May only Interact for Mod stuff if you are on this List



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