Still discovering terms and myself. Things in lists are just alphabetized.







Acceptable but not always preferred


Twi/Twili/Twilis/Twilis/ Twiself/Twilightself

Still discovering more terms for myself so this will absolutely be updated in the future! I'm not too picky about what people call me and won't get too offended if you call me something that's not listed here at all, and of course how acceptable each pronoun is varies in time, but these are just my levels of preference by what feels more normal for me most often.


Only these people can call me Onee-chan (QP)

PrinceLuci, SavageBoi42069, Demi Bi the River, FemaleTommy

Other friends

None, Yet ^w^

Maybe fren?

StarSeer120025, Former system member Spoon of TheAshSystem (and the rest of the system too, but Spoon was Luci's fellow caretaker so special place for it ^^)

Anyone else who wants to be here talk to me on my message wall ^-^

People I like

Double-bi, Tropical Pigeon, Reign of the breadsticcs

Created Terms

Cissexual is out of alphabetical order for its min-rant and the TW for that rant

Doomgender (I made the page anyway, my boyfriend made the term)


Cissexual (tw/SS, lgbtphobia, general Basically, it's a non-transphobia-associated SS, deleted for accidental transphobia. I still stand by the attraction isn't a choice, and for anyone who argues "they don't need a label, just don't date trans if you aren't attracted to them" then why aro, ace, homosexual, heterosexual, or any other term? "if you don't feel attracted just don't date them" could apply to any attraction or lack there of, and I think it's valid to just have a term to describe that feeling. That's what our whole community is about, after all. Also, this doesn't mean I support transphobia or any lgbtphobia, and if you want to discuss about whether SS or alternative/similar terms are valid, do so on my message wall and keep it civil. I don't hate SS, and you're perfectly welcome to ask me why, but I do hate those who were SS and transphobic, and how it was founded around transphobia. For a short answer before you ask: not all SS are transphobic, and it's worth talking to the individual before attacking them for associating with a group who had a few problematic people.)


Aragender - A genderfluid umbrella term where someone fluxuates between demigirl and demiboy

Campogender - Related to the countryside and feelings associated with the country

Concegender - Genderfluidity where the change isn't clear and which needs concentration to determine which gender is current

Demiboy - Masculine identity leaning nearer to nb

Demicat - An identity partially relating to cats and other felines

Demifluid - Some gender(s) fluid, other(s) not

Demigirl - Feminine identity leaning nearer to nb

Fegender - Nb identity leaning nearer to femininity

Forestcoric - Coric based around forests and trees

Genderfrict - Genderfluidity where the feminine identities are more prominent than more neutral and masculine ones

Multiflux - Various genders independently fluxuate in intensity, changing the balance

Paragender - About half or more of all one's gender is consistently one identification

Purrgender - An identity connecting to the lithe, agile, and small nature of cats, as well as the softer characteristics of them

Wildgender - An identity connecting to nature, the wild, and being untameable and disconnected from humans and normal society


Androsexual - Orientation toward males, masculinity, and male anatomy

Greyromantic - Feelings that relate to aromanticism but the experience is not fully described by the word aromantic

Polyromantic - An attraction toward multiple or many genders, but not quite all as with 'pan-' or 'omni-'

Tutelary Attraction - A tertiary attraction that revolves around the desires to care, protect, and support a certain person or people

Zeloromantic - An aro-spec identity where one feels intense romantic attraction once entering a romantic relationship

Find Me Elsewhere

(Twitter and DA linked above)


DeviantArt: (currently my most active / most easily updated account out of all of these)

Playstation: Catlover991188

Youtube: (catlover991188 Mswolfy81) (I want to animate more, but posts are very rare here)

Amino: Mswolfy81 (Link to my profile in lgbt+ amino community. WC6C / Warrior Cats 6 Clans is one of my most active communities, but I have been unable to log in for a while and am unable to get the link off google)

People I dislike

I will not be elaborating on why I dislike these people, because it is only likely to start drama back up. I will be avoiding interacting with them more than necessary and treating them as strangers. If these people post on my message wall disrespectfully, then I will make sure it is deleted. If you end up here, you have angered me in some way at some time. If you are on this list, do NOT chase after me unless it is to apologize. You may slowly earn my respect back as I see your behavior, but it is highly unlikely you will ever end up in my 'friends' section, even once you have been removed from here. If you have been removed from here, you have been forgiven.

Children's Tears



Trigger List













"Curing" autism

Severe misinformation about autism (especially if correct info is refused)

Severe misinformation about any mental disorder or mental illness really, but autism especially

Autism/autistic being used as an insult

Any kind of major LGBTphobia

Animal *b*se

Mental *b*se

Cities. They're okay, I won't need a TW/CW for this, but for an explanation see the comments here:

People being unreasonably mean, or stubborn and refusing to be accountable for their actions. (see this rant:

SJWs (like Greta Thunberg)

Claiming mental health doesn't exist / isn't important

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