Hey! I'm Himory but you can call me Himo, I'm 20 yo, not native english speaker but very fluent (I invert the order of letter in words tho, probably due to some sort of disorder, have lots of those).
I consider myself an androgynous male and I love androgyny with a deep passion (kinda like go around people houses in the morning asking if they heard the word of androgyny).
Not surprisingly, I'm attracted to androgyny and feminility in males (Finmasexual) tho I often use the word gay when I don't want to explain my sexuality.
My sex drive flutuates a lot and I'm unsure on wheter that's to blame on my psychologial disorders or if I'm somehow on the asexual spectrum, but I like sexy stuff too much to consider myself ace anyway. Hotties are my main weakness xD
I don't really know how I feel about romance, once again, I do have a mental disorder that kinda butts in in this type of stuff, but when I think about my ideal relathionship... meh, it would be more like a frindship whit sex than those "I love you blablablablablu" kinda stuff, I'm not much into that, I don't really like the idea of attachment.
I'm open to the idea of poli or open relation tho I wouldn't activielly look for it.
I'm into kinks but not really into pretending stuff, I didn't play pretend not even as a kid, won't be doing that as an adult.

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