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Hello! I'm Garfield, generally known as Garf. Welcome to my page!

I began hanging around Fandom on-and-off in February 2016, mainly around Flipline Studios Wiki. It wasn't until late 2018 when I started becoming more actvie around Fandom as a whole. I rarely go to FS Wiki anymore.

I'm an admin on a number of wikis, most notably on SML Wiki, Cut The Rope Wiki, and Switch Sports Wiki, as well as Discussions Mod on Wii Sports Wiki. You can find me on any of them, but I also roam around lots of wikis throughout Fandom, sometimes editing, sometimes fixing vandalism, so I should be around almost anywhere. However, if you have issues with vandalism, please report them to SOAP, as I cannot directly assist with that.

Otherwise, I'm always around to assist anyone whenever I can, so feel free to message me. I love helping out/assisting, so don't be shy!
Feel free to also leave me some lasagna if you'd like xD

Thanks for stopping by. Peace Out! ✌

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