A few things to know about me; I like drawing, singing, photography, watching anime, listening to music, reading fanfic, making new friends, and questioning the meaning of life. Not in an English teacher sort of way, I mean in the way where I seriously ask why its worth living :) Anyway, even though I'm a bit of a dark person, I try to be empathetic and helpful, and well as welcoming. If I'm making you uncomfortable, just tell me.

Random words that pop up in my head:

Coagulation, Amalgamation, Necromancy, Vindication, Etheral (Ethereal without an E), Blasphemy, Flabbergasted, Tomfoolery, Discectomy, Discombobulate, Nectarine (but it's not a fruit?? idk), Serenity/Sincerity/Sedentary

Random images that pop up in my head:

Walking on the water of a pool, but the surface is covered with saran wrap // A small cold room, filled with fairy lights, fluffy pillows, plush animals, and a quilt // Sitting on a balcony above an alleyway filled with trash bags and graffiti, somehow smelling of strong laundry detergent-- The sun always shining in this area when its day, the moon always half visible // Hysterically sobbing in a beach at night, stars nor moon visible, feeling as if the beach is crowded with people, yet you are completely alone // Picking at the grass while sitting criss-crossed on a floating piece of land, staring into an open void littered with galaxies and constellations

My identity crisis


Void, Vyn (Short for Vindictive), Vinyl, Evan, Evanne, Iven, Rose

Nicknames/Other names:

I don't have nicknames- no offense (to no one in particular), but the ones people give me aren't great. They just derive off of my first name, which I dislike with a (not burning) passion.

Sexual Orientation

Romantic Orientation





Any pronouns :)

(My pronoun preference may change though, so they're listed in my bio)

Other Labels


Here are some of my favorite things~ (yes I'm taking this out of the Sound of Music)

Color: Grey

Food: Pasta

Season: Fall (Spring and Summer are too hot, Winter hurts my ears)

Pastime: Watching anime and reading fanfic (also listening to music)

More random facts

  • I'm right handed (I can decently write with my left though)
  • I'm 13 *jazz hands*
  • I take breaks spontaneously, usually around a few weeks
  • I'm a scorpio
  • I try too hard at playing multiple instruments (so far guitar, ukulele, recorder, piano, and uh.. my vocal chords)
  • The gunk that gets between my fingernails bothers me, so I cut them often
  • I'm 5'3", or roughly 161 cm
  • I'm not an active person, because I'm busy being lazy
  • I look like a cishet girl -_-
  • I don't like gatorade. I've tried every single flavor of it to know that I don't.