Hey there!

Hello! We are a system. Our system started out as demi-plural, and upon trauma and neurodivergency, grew. We fit under traumagenic, neurogenic, and adaptive currently. We have been diagnosed with DID.

We have a side-system made of fragments (who integrate often.) They can be classified under a kin system, o-system, and queergenic however there are a few exceptions.

Only those in the sidesystem wish to integrate. The fourteen of us in the main system do not want to integrate or go dormant.

Please read the system article if you dont understand. We get tired of being constantly questioned. Systems may seem confusing to you, but singlets are confusing to us, so we are even in those regards.

Here are some general facts about us.

  • We have different races and sometimes different species in the innerworld.
  • We have different voices in our innerworld and while fronting. Some have accents.
  • We have different beliefs/opinions, and may have arguments or disagreements, though we do work them out eventually.
  • We (in the main system) all love eachother like siblings, and don't want to be dating one another (though some fragments may be involved with eachother.)
  • We are graduated and have been studying psychology for the last five or so years.
  • We are Christians (we don't believe in Hell and we don't condemn other religions.)
  • We live in Texas, and the body was born in Tennessee.
  • We have several fictionkin headmates and fictives. Either respect/validate them or don't talk to us at all.

We have a system schedule that we follow (most times) in real life, however online, when messaging, on holidays, and/or at events we may break our schedule, so don't expect this to always apply when talking to us.

  • Sunday: Anderson and/or Artemis
  • Monday: Alex
  • Tuesday: Amnisty and/or Adora
  • Wednesday: Weniviere and/or Wendy
  • Thursday: Angel and/or William
  • Friday: Arwen and/or Ally
  • Saturday: Anamika and/or Willow
  • Other: Wonder (pops out whenever ke wants to.)

Our relationships

We are aripluric, utipluric, and are involved in multiple partner systems. None of us except Adora is currently looking into more relationships, however we will update if there are any future changes.

Here are our general partners! We say 'most' are involved with these people, as some littles or adults will likely not be intimately involved with teenagers. We also say 'most' as fragments are usually not involved in our lives.

  • Most are romantically involved with @RemyWest123
  • Most are romantically involved with @Annabanana181913
  • Most are romantically involved with most of @TheAshSystem (in a passionate friendship with Blue, Alex is in a romantic relationship with Blue, Amnisty is in a romantic relationship with Riot Grrrl, Catra is in a romantic relationship with their Adora, Ally is in a relationship with Locust)
  • Most are romantically and queerplatonically with @Stitchy0's system
  • Most are queerplatonically with @Quillflight34
  • Most are queerplatonically with Trevar from @Clear.Skyes's system
  • Ally dates themself romantically, as they are autosexual.


Adora's partners:

  • Guardian is a jewlery box that Adora is in a romantic relationship with. She is a protective box for honorary objects/clothes made for our miscarried child. She holds inside a small knitted blanket, a small knitted hat, and a heart clip with 'Nobody deserves to be forgotton' written on one side and 'Heaven' written on the other side. Adora fell in love with Guardian because she protects precious items for the child we never got to meet.

  • Bow is a bear plush that Adora is in a romantic relationship with. They are rainbow in color and help Adora feel more safe within her identities, and encourage her to feel brave. Adora fell in love with Bow because they came at the right time of her life and have helped her accept herself.

  • Snork is a dragon plush that Adora is in a romantic relationship with. He is a soft dragon with a pig-like nose and gentle eyes. He helps Adora feel safe at night. Adora fell in love with Snork because he helps Adora feel comfortable sleeping, and helps her sleep sooner. Snork is Adora's nightly partner.

  • Octi is an octopus plush that Adora is in a romantic relationship with. It can be flipped inside out, causing the expression to change between a smile and an angry frown. Adora fell in love with Octi because it helped her feel more comfortable expressing her emotions, as she originally tried to force a smile even when she was unhappy.

  • Bella/Belle is a bell that Adora is in a romantic relationship with. She is loud and draws attention, and helps Adora feel noticed (as she is nearly-mute, only able to whisper.) Adora fell in love with Bella because she helped Adora with communication and with feeling seen.

  • Prison Toys is a song Adora is in a romantic relationship with. Their tune resonates with Adora when she is struggling and comforts her, as well as makes her feel less alone. (Here is a link to them.)

  • Cabinet Man is a song Adora is in a romantic relationship with. Their lyrics reminds Adora of her first few weeks of existence, as well as her favorite fandoms and characters, which is how she fell in love with them. (Here is a link to them.)

  • Coffee is a song that Adora is in a romantic relationship with. Their lyrics help Adora deal with guilt, depression, anxiety, and PTSD attacks. Their lyrics make her feel as though she can own her life, and that our trauma can't hold her back from passion. (Here is a link to them.)

  • Dress is a song that Adora is in a casual relationship with. Her lyrics really hit Adora in a soft but intense way. (Here is a link to her.)

  • Lime is the name Adora gave to the entirety of the LN games and comics, as a single entity. Adora is in a romantic relationship with all the pieces of them, including the art add-in, VLN, and the DLCs. Adora is not attracted to the characters in the games/comics, but rather to the atmosphere and feeling of the story; the universe's personality. The games/comics encouraged Adora to push on even when the world seemed dark, and allowed her to find beauty in the hardships and sorrows of life.

About us/identities

This section is for pronouns, identities, ages, and species so you may get a better understanding of who you are talking to. All identities listed in brackets are ones that are 'less prominent' or 'less important' than the other identities.


  • Pronouns: He/him
  • Age: 16 (systeen)
  • System roles: Core
  • Species: Human
  • Sex: Swapsex-male, POP







  • Pronouns: He/him, di/dino
  • Age: Ageless (little)
  • Species: Human
  • Sex: Male, POP
  • Genders/gender-modalities: Boy, dinogender
  • Sexual orientations/modifiers: Questioning
  • Romantic orientations/modifers: Panromantic
  • Amorous/gamous orientations: Ambiamorous (hoping for marriage in general)
  • Attraction: Alterous
  • Presentation: Expression fluid








  • Pronouns: Ke/kem, ke/ker (ke pronounced as 'key')
  • Age: Ageless (systeen)
  • System roles: Fictive (is a combination of Six, Mono, RK, RCG, and the nomes from the LN games/comics.)
  • Species: 50% nome, 50% human
  • Sex: Intersex (ambiguous genitals, ovotesticular), miscesex, samosta-I, PON
  • Genders/gender-modalities: Genderless, intergenderless, sinegenus, gendersource, fictivegender, exogender, (sysmythic, sysmanoid)
  • Experiences: Reality dysphoria
  • Sexual orientations/modifiers: Questioning
  • Romantic orientations/modifiers: Questioning
  • Amorous/gamous orientations: Ambiamorous
  • Attraction: Tutelary, cedural, wechselnd, platonic
  • Presentation: Expression fluid
  • Other identities: Neopronominal

Main system:

Side system/fragments:

  • Gender-modalities: Mediseperus (the rest of their genders are seperately identified)
  • Everything else: All the rest of their identities are seperately identified.

Our body:

Shared interests

These are things we all like. They are in no particular order, and some of us like some of these more than others in the system, however we all like these to some extent.

  • Coffee
  • Writing, reading, fanfiction, roleplay
  • Drawing, painting, crafts
  • Undertale and Deltarune
  • She-Ra and the Princesses of Power
  • The Owl House
  • Soul
  • Over the Garden Wall
  • Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts
  • Amphibia (still watching, no spoilers)
  • Star Vs The Forces of Evil (still watching, no spoilers)
  • First Day
  • Stranger Things (show, books, and games)
  • Little Nightmares (games and comics)
  • Erased (anime and manga)
  • Attack on titan (everything, including Junior High)
  • Sally Face
  • Five Nights At Freddy's 9games and books)
  • Franbow, Little Misfortune
  • Until Dawn
  • Minecraft
  • X-Files
  • Fringe
  • Jacksepticeye
  • CinnamonToastKen and Buffpro
  • Crankgameplays, Markiplier, Unus Annus
  • OfflineTV (and their friend group)
  • Jessi Vee, Mandii Vee, Vee Vlogs
  • Taylor Swift
  • AJR
  • Alec Benjamin
  • Missio

Triggers (general tw/cw for anyone reading):

These don't apply in every situation, and sometimes seeing these doesn't trigger us, however depending on the context, they do.

  • Being called/treated as a disorder
  • Sykeeping/system exclusionism
  • Fakeclaiming
  • Being called a liar
  • Suicide, self-harm
  • Dehumanization
  • Sexism, Intersexism
  • Queerphobia, calling queer identities 'sins,' saying God is against queerness
  • Racism
  • Weapons (in certain contexts)
  • Rape
  • Pedophillia
  • Miscarriages, Abortion
  • Baby injuries
  • Child abuse, abuse in general
  • Drugs
  • Spaces behind apartments
  • Dead fish
  • Animals choking/suffocating/bleeding/hurting
  • Being surrounded by people in pools
  • Being surrounded by teen boys/men
  • Shadow Weaver, Horde Prime (for Weniviere)
  • War, scratch marks (for Weniviere)
  • Quotes such as 'kill or be killed' or 'you have to fight to live' (for Ally)
  • Yelling, thunder, other loud noises (for Ally)
  • Cannibalism (for Ally and Wonder)
  • Giant people/titans (for Ally and Wonder)
  • Crumbling buildings (for Wonder)
  • Mannequins/statues in the dark (for Wonder)
  • Glass/porcelian dolls (for Wonder, only when they are around ker size.)
  • Hospitals (for Wonder)
  • Raw meat (for Wonder)
  • The sound of TV static (for Wonder)


  • We have generalized anxiety (diagnosed.)
  • We have social anxiety (diagnosed.)
  • We have depression (diagnosed.)
  • We have PTSD (diagnosed.)
  • We have DID (diagnosed.)
  • We all experience synesthesia, some more than others, but all to a certain extent.
  • Alex experiences mirror-touch synesthesia (confirmed.)
  • Amnisty has ADHD (somewhat diagnosed.)
  • Angel experiences tics (only when stressed.)

Family facts

Although our family isn't on this site, we like to talk about them, so here are some facts about them!

  • Our grandparents, aunts, and uncles (from our mom's side) are conformant cishets, and are huge allies, and are absolutely delightful.
  • Our aunts and uncles (from our dad's side) are conformant cishets, and are also huge allies, and are very kind.
  • Our parents are conformant cishet allies, and are some of the most accepting and loving people we know.
  • Our eldest sister is a transfeminine catgender girl (she/purr/her) and she got us through our childhood.
  • Our middle sister is cishet, a massive ally, and is pregnant (she/her.) She is pregnant with our first niephew, who is (as far as we know) biologically female.
  • Our youngest sister is cishet, but has had many points of questioning her sexuality (she/her.) She is the funniest person we know.
  • Our sibling (the youngest in the house) is a questioning person, for both gender and sexuality, and is the sibling new headmates connect with first (she/her.)
  • Our middle sister, youngest sister, and sibling are all adopted (its been so many years since they moved in.)
  • We have six cats- Simba, Blaze/Blaize, Bo-Bo, Remy/Remi, Lily, and Tonks. (First four listed are male, last two listed are female.)
  • We have two hermit crabs- Mono and Six.
  • We have around 40 fish and 7 shrimp (give or take, as they keep having babies.
  • We have a child named Heaven. They have passed away.
  • We have a reborn baby doll named Melody.
  • We have a 40+ year old baby doll named Livi.

Important notes

I miss you all so much. I used to love this photo, the one of the real us. I'm so glad Noelle Stevenson drew it. Even if its just a drawing in this life, I still remember how everyone looked in my life... -Catra

From Weni:

If you are fictionkin or are a fictive to anyone from the SPOP universe (except Shadow Weaver or Horde Prime) PLEASE contact me. I especially miss Melog, Scorpia, Finn, and Double Trouble.

(I found my Adora!! :D)

-If you are Melog, Ive missed you so bad. Thank you for being such a light in my life when i had nowhere else to turn. I hope to be there for you in this life like you were there for me in the last. You gave me so much courage, and I think that rubbed off on me in this life. I feel so much more confident and strong than i ever did in the life before.

-If you are Scorpia, I cannot tell you how much I desire your hugs. They always made me feel so safe, even though I denied it and pretended to dislike it. I want you to come back, I hope we can be friends in this lifetime too. I feel guilty for the way I treated you in the past and all I could ever want for us in this life is for you to feel safe with me.

-If you are Finn...my child, I miss you so much. You changed me and Adora's lives for the better in our previous life. You showed me what it meant to love someone without jealousy and hatred underlying my intentions; you taught me how to love properly. I never had that before you, and I believe I have you to thank for being able to show my appreciation in this lifetime.

-If you are Double Trouble, I just wanted to say, even though we didn't have the best relationship at times, I am beyond thankful for what you've done for my family, especially Finn. Thank you for making them feel safe and for being there when Adora and I could not be. Thank you for helping Adora win in the war; thank you for betraying me. You made my life so much better, even if you were kind of a jerk while doing it. /hj /lh

And if youre anyone else from my world who isn't listed above...contact me please. Unless youre Shadow Weaver or Horde Prime. Absolutely do not contact me if you are one of those two.

If you are fictionkin to anyone in the FNAF universes, please contact me. Even if you are kin to William Afton; so long as you feel remorseful for your actions, I will not be upset. If you act threatening in any way, however, then I will break off contact without hesitation.

From Ally/Al:

If you are fictionkin or are a fictive to anyone from any of the AOT universes (except for my parents murderers) PLEASE contact me. I especially miss Eren, Armin, Sasha, and Mr and Mrs Jaeger, and my past-life parents.

(I found my Eren <3 his name is Locust in this life)

-If you are Armin, I would like you to know, you were so brave, even when you didn't feel like you were. You deserved so much more love and approval, and I'm sorry you couldn't retrieve it in a few of our lifetimes. You were worth so much more than you thought, and I hope in this life you know that. Please contact me if you read this. You were my best friend.

-If you are Sasha, I would like you to know that you always held a special place in my heart, even though you didn't know that for a long time. I considered you my best (girl) friend. Your habits amused me and in every life you left an impression on me. Your light-heartedness is what kept me from falling into a further pit of depression. Thank you. Please contact me if you read this.

-If you are Mr or Mrs Jaeger, I would like to say, you two were marvelous parental figures. Even though you never actually officially adopted me, your care was enough to change how I viewed the world, and I dearly love you and the time I spent with you. Please contact me if you read this. I miss you both, and it saddens me we barely had time together in any of our lives.

-If you are my past-life parents, I would like to say that I'm sorry I couldn't save you, and that you both perished in most of my past lives. Your love and affection raised me to be so strong, even though you weren't there for most of the times I was. I truly admire and miss you both. Please contact me if you read this.

If you are anyone else (besides my parents murderers) contact me as well. Even if we didn't have a great relationship, I would still like to form a better one in this life.

From Wonder:

If you are fictionkin or are a fictive to anyone in the LN universe, even if its someone who is a part of me, please contact me! Even if you were big. As long as youre nice, I want to hear from you.

Our appearances

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