Hey I'm Transgender Cat (aka Trans Cat) you can call me Sky

I am also active on my wiki:

Orientation labels

impri-parciabro (aroflux and aceflux, fictoromantic)


He/him/himself (highly preferred)

They/them (somewhat preferred)

Kai/Ka/Kais/Kaiself (somewhat preferred)

Ga/Gal/Gala/Galax/Galaself (somewhat preferred)

Ve/vem/vir/vemself (can be used if wanted to)

Gender Labels

Main Genders: Paraboyflux, Novarian

Labels used

Genderhoarder/gendercollector, transmasculine

Genders Collected





Genderblanket, genderfluff, homodux, femorrorefluid, animalcoric


Clovergender (NOT THE PEDO ONE), rosegender,


ADHDgender, systemfluid, illusoboy, caedogender,


Opossugender, foxgender, snowlepoardgender, lepugender, canisgender,nyaliengender, beargender, timbergender, dragongender, raccogender, bungender, arctic foxgender,

Masculine Genders

verdeboy, boyflux, bxy, demiboy, voiddemiboy, juparian, libramasculine, proxvir, mascandrogyne, nixvir

General Stuff about me

Likes: Drawing, Animation, Anime, Manga, Trans topics

Dislikes: LGBTphobia just, stop lol

ALSO! English isn’t my first language so there’s some hiccups here and there!

General stuff: I am at my teenage years and I am here to learn more about LGBT stuff, genders while also figuring out my own! I also make flags and alt flags PLS CREDIT ME BTW!! That's pretty much it tho so you can scroll on haha.


henwu i appreciate and wuv this person very much, you're awesome Sky! (and everyone else in your system as well!)- reign

hullo <3 it is i your favorite gae, you are very cool and a great mod, also your system is super kuolio too - dakota <3

henlo there ( •̀ ω •́ )y - a small person called kai

Hiya! - Galaxite/Rose

heyyyyyyyyy - el

hai u r an amazing person- charlie(an agender/gae bean)

hey! Im the gay prince ~Liam~

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ahhh hi :)) youre amazing i hope you have a good day -Luka

Hiya Sky! hope you're staying safe - Lucifer (Luci)

hi everyone - L2 A Six

hewwo sky! i just want you to have a great day! :3 -Xerneo

what's poppin, gamers? Toast droppin by to wish y'all a great day, regardless of whatever crazy cool gender/sexuality you are. Stay jiggy wit it!

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