I'm Simon and I like to learn about queer identities. I'm the founder of the wiki. I made the LGBTA wiki as a place to organize the knowledge about queer identities I've accumulated, particularly identities that don't have much organized information about them.


Are I become a mod?

I feel that the current size of the mod team is fine as it is. I am not looking for new mods, please not ask unless you are especially active, or are specifically looking to fill a time zone that is lacking in moderators (this means time zones outside North America).

Why did you edit my page?

If you create a page you will almost certainly see me edit it at some point. My edits mostly include fixing the formatting to fit the page guidelines. More major edits can be to make sure the article is accurate, can be understood, and makes sense in the context of other articles. My edits can include:

  • Fixing grammar.
  • Adding links.
  • Adding or removing categories.
  • Rephrasing sections to make it more clear or more professional.
  • Reordering the article, adding, removing, or combining sections so the information flows more naturally.
  • Rewording the article more easily understood.
  • Making the article accurate or to be not contradict other pages.
  • Adding information you did not include.

Why did you delete my page?

Read the new page guidelines. Additionally, remember it is not the admins responsibility to write the article for you. If you want to put something on this wiki it must meet our standards. You are responsible for making sure the article means those standards and if it doesn't it is liable to be deleted.

Did you create...?

If I created a term or flag I will have said so on the page in the history or flag section. If I did not say so then I did not create the term or flag. Do NOT assume I created a term just because I made the page. Do NOT assume I created a flag just because I uploaded the file.

Terms I Have Coined

Callistic, Europic, Iodic

Mesi Ace, Mesi Aro

Idyllic Attraction

Finmasexual, Minwomasexual, Linmasexual, GNCsexual, GCsexual


Amative Genders, Affiliative Genders



Relational Alignment

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