Hi, I'm Simon and I like to learn about queer identities. I made the LGBTA wiki as a place to organize the knowledge about queer identities I've accumulated, particularly identities that don't have much organized information about them.


If you create a page you will almost certainly see me edit it at some point. My edits mostly include fixing the formatting to fit the page guidelines. More major edits can be to make sure the article is accurate, can be understood, and makes sense in the context of other articles.

Minor edits include:

  • Bolding the first word.
  • Fixing grammar.
  • Adding a caption to the flag.
  • Adding links.
  • Adding or removing categories.
  • Rephrasing sections to make it more clear.
  • Rephrasing things to sound more neutral.
  • Reordering the article so the information flows more naturally.
  • Mentioning similar identities.
  • Adding stub tag.

Major edits can include rewriting most of the article or added a large amount of information. Reason for this include:

  • To make the article more easily understood. This is either because your original article used terminology or wording that most people wouldn't understand, or because your article was completely incomprehensible. I try to keep as much of your original article as possible, but if I do this it's for a reason.
  • Your article either was accurate, or only told a single interpretation, when multiple exist.
  • Your article directly constricted the information presenting on other pages.
  • Adding information you did not include, such as information about the history, flag, or alternate definitions.

About Me

I'm 20 years old. My pronouns are he/him/his/his/himself, ae/aer/aer/aers/aerself, and xe/xym/xyr/xyrs/xymself. As for my own identities I'm an iodic, aroace, trans man. If I want to get into the nitty gritty I would say I'm asexual, autochorisexual, placiosexual, aromantic, bellusromantic, pomoimplaromantic, bidemiqueerplatonicspike, achillean idyllic, iodic.


  • Asexual, autochorisexual, placiosexual: I do not experience sexual attraction, but I do enjoy the concept of sex, and have sexual fantasies. I would be open to having sex, but I am only interested in give sexual acts.
  • Aromantic, bellusromantic, pomoimplaromantic: I do not experience romantic attraction, but I am interested in doing “romantic coded” things in non-romantic contexts. I feel as though there is a void where my romantic attraction should be. I feel the language to describe my exact feelings about romantic attraction does not exist, but I believe it could exist some day.
  • Bidemiqueerplatonicspike: I usually don’t experience queerplatonic attraction, but sometimes I have spikes when I do. I can experience queerplatonic attraction to two or more genders (as far as I know).
  • Achillean idyllic: I fantasize about being attracted to people in ways that I am not actually capable of experiencing (mostly men, but also other genders).
  • Iodic: I desire a non-romantic, emotionally close relationship.
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