Hello, world! I’m Celestialsofia, and you can also call me Sofi or Sofia. I’m fairly new to this wiki and a little confused as to creating a page, so bear with me, LOL. More info about me below:

I identify as a cis female, and my main pronouns are she/her. As for my sexuality, it’s kind of complicated, but I currently identify as sapphic and queer. :) (I also think I might be lesbian, but I’m not really sure rn.) I am also an inclusionist and ally to all!

My Favorites:

Food: Pesto pasta

Dessert: fAnCy chocolate

Drink: Coke

Snack: Chips or crackers

Animal: Flamingo

Color: Fuchsia

Book: The Sun is Also a Star (read it!!)

Movie: In the Heights (watch it!)

Musical: Hamilton or In the Heights

Song: Rain on Me, maybe?

Artist: Ariana, Olivia, Taylor, Hayley (can’t choose, love u all!)

Hobbies: reading, songwriting, travel, fashion/makeup, making digital pride art, this wiki

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Just wanted to let you know you are all so valid and accepted, don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise! ❤️ Xoxo Celestialsofia