this is largely for me to keep track of my labels

Name: Lemon, Calamity, Call or Cal

Pronouns: he/him they/them yellow/yellows/yellowself trick/tricks/tricksters/trickerself frog/frogs/frogself ?/?s/?self q/qs/qself faun/fauns/faunself

Sexual orientaion: Asexual, nebulasexual, noncopesexual, personasexual

Romantic orientaion: aro spec, Aroflux,philoromantic, nominromantic

Gender: genderfaun, gendersatyr, anxiegender, paingender, genderfluid, non-binary

Other gender labels i dont use as much Musicagender,Audiogender,Yellowgender, masc trickstergender,rosboy,Anarchogender, personagender

cool tid bits about me I like musicals, I’m a hufflepuff, I like sander sides, I like video games like Stardew valley, Minecraft, animal crossing, and cattails. I also like cartoons including the dragon prince, kipo age of wonder beasts and over the garden wall. I have way to many aesthetics but my main ones are punk, grey academia, angelcore, circuscore, and so many more.

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