The International Bear Brotherhood flag. Used by Bluesprucedude as a pride flag.

Gilbert Baker's original gay pride flag. Used by Bluesprucedude as a pride flag.

Ulysses, better known as Bluesprucedude or bluesprucedude, is a writer, Tumblr blogger, and Wikipedia and wiki editor.

He began writing his own zines in 2012 and for compzines in 2017, for periodicals in 2016, and for anthologies in 2018, specializing in poetry and academic writing.[1] Since February 2017, he has created and shared blog posts on Tumblr on culture and language, landscape photography, and transmasculine art and writing.[2]

In April 2021, he created a Wikipedia account and began contributing to pages related to rhetoric studies and queer discourse.[3] In May 2021, he began contributing to the LGBTA Wiki hosted on FANDOM.


On average, Ulysses adds sources or internal links to ("Added sources and info") and proofreads ("Proofread," "Edited language for clarity," or "Edited language for conciseness") the entries that he chooses to edit. Occasionally he rewrites entire sections and pages. His preferred interface for editing is the Source Editor.

His most substantial edits in bytes, from first to fifth, are:

  1. F*ggot (+10,304‎)
  2. Sexual Orientation (+9,849)
  3. Bear (+3,505)
  4. Kinsey Scale (+3,382)
  5. Mathgender (+3,108)

From May 1 to May 2, 2021, Ulysses made over 200 edits to the LGBTA Wiki.

Pages Created

Ulysses has added multiple pages for existing but previously missing terms to the wiki, including:

He also renamed the closeted and f*ggot- pages and split the orangegender gastrogender and colorgender pages. He has also merged numerous duplicate pages.


On May 2, 2021, after the creation of the bambi lesbian page, multiple bambi-sexuality-related pages emerged, including bambi gay, bambi fluid, bambi non-human, and multi bambi. Ulysses updated the history and references sections of every page as they emerged.

Womasexual/Femmesexual Controversy

On May 6, 2021, Ulysses and Chaoticcylinder, the creator of the LGBTA Wiki, entered into a dispute over the relationship between and potential merge of the terms womasexual and femmesexual that turned into edit warring on those pages as well as on the mascusexual page. This dispute resulted in the removal of any mention of "womasexual" or "womansexual" and its flags from the femmesexual page and a compromised version of the mascusexual page.

Flags and Terms Created

Ulysses created the imagigender flag on May 3, 2021, created an alternate numbergender flag on May 16, 2021, and created an alternate arithmogender flag on May 17, 2021.

He coined the term kayfabic and created a flag for it on May 4, 2021.


Mention of trans people in an English dictionary from 1656. Uploaded by Bluesprucedude for one of his posts.

Ulysses has created blog posts on the wiki on queer and trans history, from his personal history to reading lists and research tips. His posts are always long-form essays, at least 1000 words each. He responds to posts infrequently, usually making comments around wiki maintenance.

"Dude's Guide to Research"

On May 5, 2021, Ulysses made a post to his blog space on the LGBTA Wiki entitled "Dude's Guide to Research."[4] Over 3,000 words long and 21,000 bytes, the post covers how to do effective research with the wiki and outside of it as well as how to format references effectively.

The post influenced the style and structure of subsequent how-to posts made by other users, such as “Reign’s Coining Guide” by Reign of the breadsticcs.[5]

Personal Life

On his Tumblr blog, Ulysses has disclosed that he is a gay, non-cis man who prefers no labels except Bear.[6] He has identified as a Bear even before starting HRT due in part to his unspecified hyperandrogenism. He has also shared that he was born in 1998, lives in Minnesota, and is married.[7]

In an LGBTA Wiki blog post, Ulysses shared that he originally came out as bisexual in 2005 and trans in 2010 and identified as femmesexual before June 2016.[8]