About Me

Hello! I'm Veris (I also go by River), nice to meet you! I've only only recently started contributing to the LGBTA Wiki seeing as I'm still learning, but hopefully I can be just a little more active here and help other's learn what I've learned!

Sometimes I do have a bit of a confusing way of talking so please read this if you wish to learn. Just one thing to note here though, I am not a system! If it sounds like I am sometimes it's because I have a habit of personifying everything, including my own thoughts. And another thing, I do have autism so please be patient with me!

Gender Identity

I'm under the nonbinary umbrella, though it's only because of my uncertainty towards my gender in binary terms.



Pinkgender : an aesthetigender under the colorgender umbrella connected to the color pink. One who is pinkgender might feel as though their gender is validated by the color pink, or as though their gender is best described as the color pink.

The first xenogender I've identified with!

Oh hey! I coined this term!

Parugender : a fictigender that is defined by the Cookie Run Kingdom character Parfait Cookie. This label can be used by those who feel like their gender has a strong connection to Parfait Cookie or those who feel like their gender is best explained by Parfait Cookie.

My gender tastes like Sweetarts hehe

Candygender : a xenogender wherein one's gender identity is connected to candy. This gender is generally associated with sugar and sweetness, but is can be considered biter, rich or any other way candy tastes.


  • they/them
  • it/its
  • pink/pinks/pinkself
  • fluff/fluffy/fluffself
  • paru/parfait/parfaitself
  • star/stars/starself
  • fizz/fizzy/fizzyself


  • Marissa (she/they): She is essentially a personification of my negative thoughts and panic/anxiety disorder. I hate her but they are very pretty.
  • Fruit (pup/paw/fluff/sweet): Fruit is actually just me when I regress (I'm an age regressor). Sweet exclusively uses neopronouns which I am too scared to do.
  • Venti (he/him): IDK where he came from but his is here like mentally. I think he's just my brain's sort of comic relief. And yes, this is the Venti from Genshin Impact. I don't talk about him very much though.



  • Suicide/Suicide Jokes
  • Spiders


  • Mouth/Chewing Noises
  • Overusing tonetags (it makes me feel uncomfortable and mocked, please don't do it on my posts)