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Users who cannot interact with us

Note: specific DNI's will be in our desc.






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DNI if...

  • Your account is NSFW(doesn't include vents or soft gore).
  • You are queerphobic.
  • You are anti-alterhumans.
  • You are anti-neurodivergent individuals/you are an ableist.
  • You disrespect trigger warnings.
  • You are racist.
  • You are anti-feminists.
  • You are anti-tone-tags.

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Who can edit our page

  • Individuals we gave permission.
  • Individuals who noticed a typo and wanna fix it.
  • If you see any controversial flag or term (like the controversial lesbian flag) and you want to change it to one more apropiated.
  • If you wanna add a trigger warning.

Friends :D

  • @Feathers and Quill

Terms we coined


Collecting terms

Genders (TW DSMP and animals)

~Get To Know Us~

Hi we are a system, S-Y-S-T-E-M, system! We have three names The Animal System (bc most of us are animals/non humans), The Trans System(bc most of us are trans/cisn't) and The Gae/Queer System(bc most of us are queer). Our origins are endogenic, BPDgenic and traumagenic(and also bc of dysphoria), please don't ask question about them bc we don't feel comfortable talking about them‼

We are six or more spirits since we are fluitien, here are some of us: Alex, Alex2, Alex3, Alex4, Archie, Sam/sammy, Hank, Hank2, Hank3, Jared, Jared2, Sally, Sally2 and Sally3.

Warning you'll see a lot of bad grammar.


AFAB, age regressor, core and host, has bpd(self-diagnosed), is from uruguay and is learning british english, mediator infp-t, loves lemons, fav colour is white.

List of other names:

  • Al
  • Wolf
  • Dani
  • Danis
  • Alexander
  • Burguer
  • Hana
  • Alexis
  • Bun
  • Buns
  • Bunno
  • Bunnowo
  • Rain
  • Lexi


bee's aexnounphoric and pronoun hoarder flux so before interacting with aem ask faer pronouns.

  • he/him/his/himself/himself
  • she/her/her/her’s/herself
  • they/them/their/theirs/theirself
  • they/them/their/theirs/themselves
  • xe/xim/xe's/xis/ximself
  • ze/zim/zir/zirs/zimself
  • cloud/cloud/clouds/clouds/cloudself
  • bee/bee/bees/bees/beeself
  • 🖍️/🖍️/🖍️'s/🖍️'s/🖍️self
  • 🖍️/🖍️/🖍️/🖍️'s/🖍️self
  • 🦄/🦄/🦄/🦄s/🦄self
  • puppy/puppy/puppys/puppys/pupself
  • fox/fox/foxs/foxs/foxself
  • pup/purr/pups/pups/purrself
  • pup/pup/pups/pups/pupself
  • purr/purr/purrs/purrs/purrself
  • rose/rose/roses/roses/roseself
  • woof/woofs/woofs/woofs/woofself
  • bug/bug/bugs/bugs/bugself
  • moon/moon/moons/moons/moonself
  • meow/meow/meows/meows/meowself
  • nyan/nyan/nyans/nyans/nyanself
  • bun/bun/buns/buns/bunself
  • hug/hug/hugs/hugs/hugself
  • star/star/stars/stars/starself
  • bro/bro/bro/bro/broself
  • rawr/rawr/rawrz/rawrz/rawrzself
  • owo/owo/owos/owos/owoself
  • kitty/kitty/kitty's/kitty's/kittyself
  • crunchy/crunchy/crunchies/crunchies/crunchyself
  • poison/poison/poisons/poisons/poisonself
  • xey/xem/xyr/xyrs/xemself
  • puppy/puppy/pups/pups/pupself
  • bat/bat/bats/bats/batself
  • nya/nyan/nyans/nyans/nyanself
  • 💫/💫/💫’s/💫’s/💫self
  • 🐁/🐁/🐁s/🐁s/🐁self
  • zhe/her/her/herz/herzelf
  • ro/rose/roses/roses/roseself
  • ro/rose/rose/roses/roseself
  • be/berry/berrys/berrys/berryself
  • 🌹/🌹/🌹s/🌹s/🌹self
  • 🍑/🍑/🍑s/🍑s/🍑self
  • cotton/candy/candies/candies/cottonself
  • oink/oink/oinks/oinks/oinkself
  • fai/fairy/fair/fairys/fairyself
  • pi/pika/pika/pikas/piself
  • hy/hym/hys/hys/hymself
  • thou/thee/thy/thine/thyself
  • mao/mao/maos/maos/maoself
  • mrr/mrrp/mrrps/mrrps/mrrpself
  • green/green/greens/greens/greenself
  • honk/honk/honks/honks/honkself
  • iv/iv/ivs/ivs/ivself
  • xe/xym/xyr/xyrs/xymself
  • ix/ix/ixs/ixs/ixself
  • xe/xet/xet/xets/xetself
  • xe/xet/xets/xets/xetself
  • ve/ver/veir/veirs/veirself
  • vi/vim/vims/vims/vimself
  • 🌈/🌈/🌈/🌈s/🌈self
  • ve/vem/veir/veirs/vemself
  • spark/spark/sparks/sparks/sparkself
  • py/pyl/pylx/pylx/pylxself
  • frog/frogs/frogs/frogs/frogself
  • trash/trashes/trashes/trashes/trashself
  • day/daydream/daydream/daydream/dreamself
  • catboy/catboy/catboys/catboys/catboyself
  • angel/angel/angels/angels/angelself
  • hx/hxm/hxs/hxs/hxmself
  • you/you/your/yours/yourself
  • h*/h*m/h*s/h*s/h*mself
  • tea/teas/teas/teas/teaself
  • void/voids/voids/voids/voidself
  • bite/bite/bites/bites/biteself
  • baby/baby/baby's/baby's/babyself
  • 3rr0r/3rr0r/3rr0rs/3rr0rs/3rr0r$3lf
  • she/her/her’s/her’s/herself
  • bun/bun/bun’s/bun’s/bunself
  • she/her/hers/hers/herself
  • cor/corpse/corpse/corpses/corpself
  • witch/witch's/witch's/witches/witchself
  • she/her/his/hers/himself
  • ghost/ghost/ghost/ghosts/ghostself
  • squid/squid/squids/squids/squidself
  • dog/dogs/dogs/dogs/dogself
  • doe/does/does/does/doeself
  • kitty/kitty/kittys/kittys/kitself
  • mew/mew/mews/mews/mewself
  • rawr/rawr/rawrs/rawrs/rawrself
  • they/them/their/theirs/themself
  • he/him/his/his/himself
  • splash/splish/splosh/splish/splishself
  • deity/deity/deitys/deitys/deityself
  • kit/kit/kits/kits/kitself
  • kitty/kitties/kitties/kitties/kittyself
  • 🦋/🦋/🦋’s/🦋’s/🦋self
  • 🥀/🥀/🥀s/🥀s/🥀self
  • 🐍/🐍/🐍s/🐍s/🐍self
  • 👻/👻/👻/👻s/👻self
  • king/king/kings/king's/kingself
  • ☁️/☁️/☁️s/☁️s/☁️self
  • sno/snow/snows/snows/snowself
  • choke/choke/choke/chokes/chokeself
  • price/princes/prince’s/prince’s/princeself
  • it/it/it/its/itself
  • doll/doll/doll’s/doll’s/dollself
  • it/it/its/its/itself
  • paw/paw/paws/paws/pawself
  • moo/moo/moos/moos/mooself
  • 💎/💎/💎s/💎s/💎self
  • 👽/👽/👽s/👽s/👽self
  • he/hem/her/hers/hemself
  • 😈/😈/😈/😈s/😈self
  • wing/wing/wings/wings/wingself
  • xe/xem/xems/xems/xemself
  • fae/faen/faer/faers/faenself
  • fae/her/faer/faer/faenself
  • moon/moons/moons/moons/moonself
  • 🕷️/🕷️/🕷️/🕷️s/🕷️self
  • hor/horse/horse/horses/horseself
  • fa/faun/faun/fauns/faunself
  • medi/medical/medical/medicals/mediself
  • brai/brain/brains/brains/brainself
  • ruler/rule/rulers/rulers/rulerself
  • poppyseed/poppyseed/poppyseeds/poppyseeds/poppyseedself
  • poppy/seed/poppyseeds/poppys/poppyseedself
  • aw/warm/warms/warms/warmself
  • pu/pum/pums/pums/pumpkinself
  • raw beef/raw beef/raw beef’s/raw beef’s/raw beef’sself
  • anti/anti/antis/antis/antiself
  • 👁️/👁️/👁️'s/👁️'s/👁️self
  • ang/angel/anges/angels/angelself
  • sh3/h3r/h3r/h3rs/h3rself
  • de/dem/demi/demis/demiself
  • th*y/th*m/th*ir/th*irs/th*mself
  • plu/plur/plural/plurals/pluralself
  • sy/sys/sys/systems/systemself
  • ti/multi/multi/multis/multiself
  • rad/radi/radis/radis/radiself
  • rad/radi/radic/radics/radicalself
  • eye strain/eye strain/eye strains/eye strains/eye strains self
  • ti/mul/multi/multis/multiself
  • she/her/her/theirs/themself
  • xe/xem/xir/xirs/xemself
  • th3y/th3m/th31r/th31rs/th3m53lf
  • cub/cub/cubs/cubs/cubself
  • lor/lord/lords/lords/lordself
  • cor/corps/corpses/corpses/corpself
  • bon/bone/bone/bones/boneself
  • 🌺/🌺/🌺s/🌺s/🌺self
  • 🌸/🌸s/🌸s/🌸s/🌸self
  • ae/aem/aeir/aeirs/aemself
  • ae/aem/aer/aers/aerself
  • gala/galas/galax/galaxian/galaself
  • gala/galas/galax/galaxy/galaself
  • soul/souls/souls/souls/soulself
  • kitty/kitties/kitties/kitties/kitties
  • kat/kats/kats/kats/katself
  • void/voids/voids/voids/voidself


  • Arsenal
  • Messi

His hobbies:

  • Drawing
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Learning
  • Teaching
  • Editing and adding pages in FANDOM wikis with not too much people

How he looks like

Innerworld description

Note: how he looks like can change.

Made with:Furry maker ^W^


Very fluffy, chubby, sky blue antropomorphic wolf, his a belly, arms, most parts of he's face, parts of he's tail and inner ear fluf are of a lighter colur, his legs, back of ear, little parts of he's tail are of a darker colur and his eyes are of a green gray-ish colour.

Made with: Pride Icon Maker


A white, altersex individual with brown hair and green gray-ish eyes.

Made with:nyurei's avatar creator


A white, altersex individuals with dirty blonde hair and green gray-ish eyes.


Mostly wears:

A black hoodie, dark blue trousers with dark blue crocs and transparent glasses.


Everyone can use
Only friends can use

What triggers him

  • Mentions of irl family.
  • FANDOM wikis with a lot of individuals.
  • Individuals who's only language is his first language.
  • Proshippers and anti-antis.
  • Loud noises.
  • Shitposters.
  • Too many individuals in a roblox server.
  • Individuals asking him how can/making fun of him bc he kins a lot of wierd stuff.
  • Loud voices.

He kins

  • Cats.
  • Dogs.
  • Wolfs
  • Angels, deitys and demigods.
  • Minecraft slimes.
  • I Can't Handle Change by ROAR.
  • Soldier, Poet, King by The Oh Hellos.
  • Rät by Penelope Scott.
  • Bluestar (from warrior cats by Erin Hunter).
  • Charlie(from dsmp).
  • Revivbur.
  • Books (especially old books).
  • Plastic bags.
  • Rocks.
  • Socks.
  • Pumpkins.
  • Into the wild (book by Erin Hunter).

Identities and terms

He's a termhoarder, name collector, mutosexual, greyfictosexual and romantic, Greyinternetsexual and romantic, panaesthetic, platonic and sensual, personasexual and gender, mutoflux curently feeling vincian and vinciangender, questioning if parosexual and romanticflux or igcecidimus and aroflux.

His Flags


Alex but calmer and cuter, host, he is from uruguay and is learning british english, loves pastel colors, we are unsure is he's AFAB.


  • Al
  • Bun
  • Buns


  • he/him/his/himself/himself
  • she/her/her/her’s/herself
  • they/them/their/theirs/themselves
  • xe/xim/xe's/xim/xeself
  • ze/zim/zir/zirs/zimself
  • xey/xem/xyr/xyrs/xemself
  • xe/xem/xems/xems/xemself
  • xe/xym/xyr/xyrs/xymself
  • paw/paws/pawz/pawz/pawzelf
  • purr/purrs/purrz/purrzelf


Is 16 and an age regressor.

Made withg: Doggy Maker

How he look like:

Innerworld description:

A little fluffy, lavenderboy, sky blue antropomorphic wolf, his belly, arms, most parts of his face, parts of his tail and inner ear fluf are of a lighter colur, his legs, back of ear, little parts of his tail are of a darker colur and his eyes are green gray-ish colour.

His hobbies:

  • Drawing
  • Writing
  • Reading


Everyone can use:
  • Kinnie.
  • Faggot/fag.
  • Maricón.
  • Tranny.

What triggers him:

  • loud noices.
  • proshippers.
  • shitposter.

He kins:

  • Cats.
  • Dogs.
  • Angels and demigod.
  • Books (especially old books).
  • Demons and devil.

Identities and terms:

He's a cutecollector and kaeicollector, GNC, abrosexual, grayfictosexual and romantic, grayinternetsexual and romantic, panaesthetic, platonic and sensual, personasexual and gender.


Them's flags


Double of Alex, AGAB is unknown, he's from uruguay and is learning british english.

Other names:

  • Al
  • Alexander
  • Lexi


Is both panpronominal and apapronominal but has a preference for:

How he looks like:

Innerworld description:

He's a white, altersex, ookamimi with brown hair and tail, his ears are of darker brown and his eyes are of a green gray-ish colour.

His hobbies:

  • Drawing
  • Writing
  • Reading


Everyone can use
  • Kinnie
  • Faggot/fag
Only friends can use
  • Joto
  • Maricón

He kins

  • cats
  • cartoon boxes
  • plastic bags
  • flower vases

Identities and terms

Gender is something non-binary masc aligned kinda cassgender and he honestly has no idea what he's sexuality is lol.



Skintroject and also kinda double of Alex.

Other names:

  • Flower
  • Leaf
  • Leaves
  • Seed
  • Petal


  • Al
  • Alexander


  • He/him
  • it/its
  • they/tehm
  • xie/xyr
  • she/her
  • fae/faer or faen
  • leaf/leafs
  • leaf/leaves
  • flower/flowers
  • petal/petals
  • 👑/👑s
  • ✨/✨s
  • 🌹/🌹s
  • prince/princes/princeself
  • royal/royalty/royalself
  • majesty/majesties/majestyself

    Made with: [BAYDEWS' avatar maker!!

How he looks like:

Innerworld description:

He's a white, altersex, elf with dirtyblond hair and green gray-ish eyes.


Everyone can use
  • Faggot/fag
Only friends can use
  • Joto
  • Maricón

Identities and terms

Is plantgender(feels kinda androgyne aligned), is neoboy, proxvir, boyprox, solarian, non-binary with kaochisagender, numagian, tempemagian, magidurian, softmagian, faemagian, cottimagian, noirmagian, musimagian, solimagian, marimagian, nadurimagian, irimagian, geomagian, wintrimagian, otomagian, sumrimagian, veramagian, vinmagian, lunamagian, diamagian, twilimagian, solsemagian, paxmagian, moinemagian and memrimagian, he's m-spec vincian/vincian torico.



He's name is pronounced "r-chie", probably AFAB, he loves tea and being organizated, prefers time alone than being with friends but still loves them, he's 14 but is more mature than most of us.


  • ❤he/him/his/himself/himself❤
  • they/them/their/theirs/theirself
  • ❤they/them/their/theirs/themselves❤
  • xe/xim/xe's/xis/ximself

His Hobbies:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • cleaning and organization things

How he looks like

innerworld description

He's an antropomorphic, altersex, siamese cat with green eyes.

What triggers him

  • Unorganized and dirty places.
  • Loud noises.
  • Shitposters.
  • Proshippers.

Identities and terms

He's a demiboy, pan, achilean and demiromantic.



AGAB is unknown, where he's from is unknown but speaks english, loves stuffies, gumies and ice cream, fav colours are pastel blue and pastel pink.

Other names:

  • Michael


  • Sammy
  • Meow
  • Meows
  • Mr.Meow
  • Mr.Meows
  • Meowmeow
  • Meowmeows
  • Mr.Meowmeow
  • Mr.Meowmeows


Bee's panpronominal and apapronominal but likes:

  • Bee/bee's
  • He/him
  • She/her


She's ageslider between 1 month-12 years

Made with: Make a Cat

How he looks like:

Innerworld description:

Bee's a black, wolffian or intersex cat with short fur and yellow eyes.

His hobbies:

  • Playing games or sports
  • Painting
  • Playing with clay
  • Wearing dresses
  • Collect flowers

What triggers him

  • loud noices.
  • proshippers.
  • shitposter.

Identities and terms

He's a cutecollector and transmasc.

  • Transmasc
  • Genderfluff
  • Pastelgender
  • Cookiegender
  • Kawaiicoric
  • Plushgender(all definitions)