Labels I Identify with :]

Gender: User blog:.forestofmushrooms./list of my genders!

Sexuality: Abrosexual

Attraction: Acrisexual, Aceflux, Omniplatonic. Acriromatic, AroAce

Amorous: Mono/poly

Pronouns: Multipronominal, Neopronouns, Pronoun Non-Conforming, Faunpronominal, Characterself Pronouns

Other: Namehoarder, Jackdawhoarder, Alterhuman, Dysphoriflux, Syscurious, Bear Cub

DNI (Do not interact) if...

  • You do not support endogenic systems
  • You are a sysmed
  • You believe dysphoria is necessary for one to be transgender
  • You are an m-spec exclusionist
  • You are an a-spec exclusionist
  • You do not believe in xenogenders
  • You are a bigot
  • You are against neopronouns and/or pronoun-non-conformity
  • You misuse tone-tags intentionally
  • You are pro-ship or anti-anti
  • You are anti-alterhuman
  • You are against systems
  • You are involved in LGBTQIA+ discourse

If your name is here DNI. If you don't want me to interact with your posts, leave a message on my wall. /srs

  • Player100789onRoblox
  • AriaThatsMe
  • Wonderland.Ish
  • DragonflyBlue
  • Amepther

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