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Unlabeled or No Label is the umbrella term for those who do not want to identify under specific label(s) for their sexuality, gender, or other identity (despite qualifying and being entitled to use one or more). By definition it is similar to the some usages of queer and may overlap with pomosexual/pomogender, but is more suited for those who may not be as happy or comfortable trying to specify their identity within the LGBT+ community. One may have an identity that fits into a pre-existing identity, but still not wanting to label oneself. One can be unlabeled in terms of their attraction, gender, or any other aspect of their gender.

Youtuber Jasxcii described it as "...You dress how you want, you like what you like, and you do what you do, and that's just you."[1]

Another alternate flag

As an identity on its own it is often found useful by, but is not exclusive to:

  • People who don't feel comfortable identifying as lesser known identities.
  • People who are transitioning that may not fully see themselves as their gender identity.
  • Peoples whose attractions are changing throughout their gender transition.
  • Non-binary people who feel as if their attraction is too complicated to classify through existing labels.
  • People who are unsure of their identity, but are fairly sure they aren't straight and/or cisgender.
  • People who do not want to identify as queer.
  • People who don't feel like they should have to explain their attraction or gender to people.
  • People who don't want to restrict themselves with labels.

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The flag was created by Reddit user u/Employee_472 on January 16, 2021. It was created to help raise recognition about people who go by no label, and the flag wasn't intended to give a label, but simply to give recognition. The symbol was specifically created to mean no label and can be used in any color when used outside of the flag. It was based on the Semaphore signs “N” (for no) and “L” (for label).

The colors were left up to personal interpretation however the creator explained her reasoning behind the choices. Electric indigo is a vibrant mix of violet and blue, colors which represent Harmony and Spirit on the original LGBT+ flag but also may stand for a mix of masculinity and femininity (androgyny), or an attraction to different genders and sexes, or anything other one may interpret it as. Black and whit are used to create high contrast but can represent a lack or an abundance of gender or attraction. The rainbow stripe is to represent a connection to the LGBTQ+ community, and to add extra distinction when the flag is limp.

The four stripe unlabeled pride flag was possibly created by Twitter user lwtroses.[2] It also may have been created by Twitter users LOVERSHSLOT and fearlesslyhaz.[3] Green represents freedom, white represents understanding, blue represents acceptance, and orange represents flexibility.

The 3rd flag was created by u/NeonGhoti on Reddit on 10/6/2021. The rainbow represents connection to the LGBTQ+ community, dark blue represents masculinity, blue represents unity/community, light lavender represents androgyny/LGBTQ+ spectrums (AroAce, gender, sexuality), pink represents love/romance and dark pink represents femininity.


The term "No Label" was originally used by lesbians who didn't identify with the subcultures (i.e. butch, femme, etc.) but has expanded past lesbian subcultures throughout the years.