The ultramoric flag.

Ultramoric or Ultric is an umbrella term that refers to anyone who isn't straight. An ultric person is attracted to the same or similar genders, though this attraction does not have to be exclusive. They can also be duaric, (WLM/Julietian or MLW/Romeric) however they must be a marginalized oriented duaric, for example bisexuals, or other pluralian orientations. Amplusic, pomosexual, penultisexual, queer, questioning, non-binary, and otherwise variant people are also included under the definition of ultramoric. Ultric therefore includes anyone who is not strictly heterosexual, monosexual, allosexual, and perioriented.

Ultric can also be used to describe a relationship which is not “straight” due to the presence of at least one people of marginalized orientation.


Ultramoric was coined by Tumblr user Arco-pluris on March 18, 2018[1]. It was based on outric (outro, other in Portguese, with -ic).[2] The flag follows the same format as the sapphic, achillean, pluralian, nullarian, and diamoric flags. Purple represents women, or feminine-aligned people. White follows the pattern of the diamoric, sapphic, pluralian, and achillean flags. Green represents men, or masculine-aligned people. The sunflower symbolizes the myth of Clytie who loved Apollo.


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