The ultergender flag.

Ultergender is a gender modality for “trans intersex” people. It describes intersex people who identify as a gender other than their assigned gender at birth, but do not feel the term “transgender” describes them, because of being intersex. An ultergender person could be categorized as transgender, but that’s not how they primarily identify themself due to some aspect of their intersex experience that causes them to feel out of place identifying as transgender. Ultergender people may also use the term “transgender” for themself in some contexts. However, they don’t primarily identify as transgender, though some might still find it a useful label.

Ultergender is the opposite of ipsogender. Ultergender people may identify as intergender as well, because their gender is affected by their intersex status.


Ultergender was coined by intersex-education on or before October 5, 2017.[1] The flag was designed by the same person on or before October 13, 2017.[2] The flag was based on the transgender flag and an alternative intersex flag. The colors are based off of the orchid flower, which was chosen because it’s an intersex symbol and is in the intersex pride colors.


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