Trixic, also know as orbisian, is a diamoric orientation that refers to non-binary people who are attracted to women. It may be abbreviated to nblw, meaning 'non-binary loving women'. This can be exclusive attraction or not. If one is exclusively attracted to women one might also identity as feminamoric. The term was created as a non-binary equivalent of sapphic. Trixic can be used by any non-binary person, regardless of alignment, though non-binary people attracted to women do not have to identify as trixic.

The masculine equivalent to trixic is toric.

This term originates from the Latin suffix -trix denoting feminine agent nouns such as aviatrix or dominatrix.

The trixic flag

The trixic flag, without symbol.

Flag[edit | edit source]

The trixic flag was created by Tumblr user Non-aligned-sapphic on October 10th, 2017.[1] Purple and yellow represents being non-binary, pink represents attraction to women.

Resources[edit | edit source]

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