Trixenamoric pride flag

Trixensexual refers to the exclusive sexual attraction to women and non-binary people. The romantic equivalent is trixenromantic. Other words include trixenplatonic, trixenalterous, and trixensensual. The term trixenamoric exists for people who are trixen- in general. The term does not specify the person's gender. It can be used by both cis and trans people.[1] A flexible trixen- attraction may be called trixenflexible.[2]

Trixensexuality is encompassed by the enboric and femaric umbrellas. It can also be considered a form of polysexuality or bisexuality.

Alternative trixenamoric pride flag by Enby-Pal.

Related terms include nomasexualneptunic, and nominsexual. Old sources used gyne-skolio-sexual, mixing skolio- with gynesexual, that were replaced with ceterosexual and femsexual, then ninsexual and finsexual.

History[edit | edit source]

The term was coined in November 12, 2018 by Tumblr user wedontcareaboutyourbinary, together with torensexual.[3] The prefix trixen- combines the Latin noun suffix -trix, used to form feminine agent nouns, also used in trixic, with en, based on the LGBT+ colloquial term enby, itself based on the English pronunciation of nb, an initialism of non-binary. The flag was created in November 13, 2018 by nblmgalaxy.[4] The color orange was chosen as a blend of pink for women and yellow for non-binary people; white stands for the expansiveness of the multi-attraction spectrum and lavender for queerness and non-normativity.

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