The trixenflexible flag.

Trixenflexible is an orientation describing an individual who is primarily attracted to women and non-binary people, but experiences flexibility in this attraction so that it is not exclusive. The name "trixen" comes from trixen- ("trix” as in trixic and "en" as in enby) which also forms the prefix for trixensexual. For example, an individual who identifies as trixenflexible may be exclusively attracted to all non-binary genders and some women most of the time, but sometimes additionally experience attraction that breaks this pattern such as attraction to men. Or one could have an orientation which switches between being asexual (or pansexual, or vincian, etc.) and being exclusively attracted to women and some non-binary people. Thus, a trixenflexible person may identify as trixensexual, polysexual, omnisexual, bisexual or another multisexual label, or may identify with different orientation labels at different times. However, identifying with these labels is not required as a trixenflexible individual may choose or reject a certain multisexual label if one feels that the label does not represent one's typical attraction pattern due to the flexibility in one's attraction. This identity can be used by a person of any gender.

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