The transneutral flag.

An alternate transneutral flag.

Transneutral is a term used to describe a transgender person who identifies fully or partially as a neutral, abinary, or unaligned gender. It can be considered umbrella term for people who transition to a neutral identity.

Transneutral people can also identify as other, non-neutral genders as well. For example, an neuwoman person may identify as transneutral, though typically one's neutral identities are more significant that one's non-neutral identities, or one wants to emphasize their neutral identity. Transneutral people are sometimes called MtN/FtN or M2N/F2N (male/female to neutral) depending on one's assigned gender at birth.

Transneutral is sometimes used, not as a gender identity, but as a way to describe anyone who undergoes a medical transition process that is not fully transmasculine or fully transfeminine- either through surgery, hormone replacement therapy, or other methods. Under this definition, people who undergo transition to attempt to appear more neutral would be considered transneutral, regardless of their actual gender identity.

The feminine equivalent to transneutral is transfeminine. The masculine equivalent is transmasculine.


Some examples of genders that transneutral people may identify as include:


Many transneutral people will try to present in a way that is either a combination of both masculine and feminine, or in a way that is gender neutral. What this looks like can vary depending on one's assigned gender at birth. Medical transition can also vary depending on one's assigned gender at birth. It may involve elements of transfeminine or transmasculine procedures. One may attempt to look like the "opposite" of one's assigned gender at birth, though, many transneutral people choose to undergo partial transitions, in order to look as gender neutral as possible.

A transneutral person may do all, some, or none of these things. Some may not feel a need to transition and some may be unable to transition due to medical reasons.


The most common transneutral flag was created by arco-pluris on April 27, 2018.[1] It is based on the transmasculine and transfeminine flags. It uses the same pink and blue as the transgender flag. Yellow is common used to represent non-binary or neutral identities.

Several alternate transneutral flag were designed by an unknown person on or before October 5, 2016.[2][3] There are three variations, in yellow, purple, and green. The colors are commonly used as non-binary colors because they are not blue or pink (representing male and female).



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