Transine flag.

Transine feminine/woman flag.

Transine masculine/man flag.

Transine androgynous/neutral flag

Transine xenic/outherine flag

Transine agender/genderless flag

Alternate transine flag

Transine (pronounced trans-see-nay) is a specific term for transgender individuals or those who fall under the non-binary or anonbinary umbrellas who do not wish to medically transition. An example includes transgender men who do not wish to have testosterone, top surgery, or bottom surgery however they may socially present as a man and do masculine-related things.

This term is important as cisn't individuals are often looked down on or told they are "faking" if they do not desire a medical transition. This is untrue, as gender identity doesnt have to align with ones body, and not all cisn't individuals experience body dysphoria (or dysphoria at all) towards their genitals and/or breasts.

The opposite of this term would be a transsex-cisn't individual. For an individual who wishes for only a partial medical transition, they may use the term sinealt.


Transine was coined on an unknown point of December of 2020 by Cryptocrew and was only officially labeled on February 9th of 2021.


A prompt for the flag originally was sketched out on an unknown point of December of 2020 by Cryptocrew and was only officially made on February 9th of 2021.

In the flag, light blue represents outherine genders and peace in ones body, dark blue represents masculine genders and content, purple represents androgynous/neutral genders and expression, purplish-pink represents xenic genders and a unique experience, pink represents feminine genders and self love, and black represents agender/genderless identities and community. The butterfly represents freedom and beauty, as well as other forms of transition besides medical forms.

The rest of the flags were coined on February 27th of 2021 by Anamika from Cryptocrew's system. Each color alludes to the genders they represent, while the purple butterfly represents how transine people don't have to be conforming to the gender they are, and can be pronoun non-conforming or gender non-conforming, while the white represents identity and pride. Pink represents femininity, blue represents masculinity, green represents androgyny or neutrality, yellow represents outherinity/xeninity, and grey represents lack of gender.


The the label was chosen due to sine meaning 'without' in Latin. This directly corelates to the term, as a transine person is without medical transition.