The toric flag.

Toric (also know as quadrisian) is a diamoric orientation that refers to non-binary people who are attracted to men. This can be exclusive attraction or they could be attracted to other genders. If attraction is exclusive one might also identity as viramoric. The term was created as a non-binary equivalent of achillean and similarly it can be simplified to nblm (non-binary loving men).

The feminine equivalent to toric is trixic.

This term originates from the Latin suffix "-tor" denoting masculine agent nouns such as "cantor", with the feminine counterpart of this suffix being "-trix" (hence trixic).


The toric flag was designed by Tumblr user Diamoricmlm-and-nblm on October 17th 2017[1], based off the trixic flag. Green and purple represent being non-binary. Blue represents attraction to men. In the center is the non-binary symbol overlapping the symbol for men.


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