The tauragender flag.

An alternate tauragender flag.

Tauragender (also known as Taurgender) is a zodiacgender based on the zodiac sign Taurus. It is a xenogender that is described as when someone’s gender and/or gender identity stays the same for an extended amount of time due to the comfort they feel with that gender or gender identity. Their gender may change or wish to change but the individual is reluctant for that change due to stubbornness, but when they do allow the change it is usually for the better.

Flag[edit | edit source]

The colors meanings are as follows: Red comes from the idea that bulls are angered by the color red, and also represents stubbornness. Golds comes from the prevalent depiction of golden nose rings bulls have. Brown is used as bulls are often brown in color. White represents the good feeling a tauragender individual has when they finally accept their new gender.

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